Fensterbau Frontale Nuremberg 2020

Fensterbau Frontale Nuremberg 2020
Exhibition Information :
The fensterbau/frontale in Nuremberg is one of the world's leading trade fair for windows, doors and facades, their associated technologies, components and assemblies as well as associated equipment and services program. Together with the Holz-Handwerk exhibitors from many countries and numerous trade visitors are offering a unique industry platform.
Architects, craftsmen, manufacturers and retailers discuss on the Fensterbau Frontale how aesthetics and design trends can be reconciled with energy-efficient construction. A key focus is solutions for the automation of windows and facades .
The fair fensterbau frontale Nuremberg is the international trade fair for architects, carpenters, window manufacturers, façade builders and the trade.
The main topics of the trade fair, which takes place every two years, are profile systems, glass in architecture, fastening technology, safety technology, sealing technology, windows, doors and façade technology.
Fensterbau/Frontale will feature new products and new impulses around the topics that move your industry. It will also feature innovations and pioneering technologies for industry, trade and automation, the Architects' Area and numerous special shows.
The Innovation Show in the window, door and facade building will be held March 18-21, 2020 in Nuremberg.
Exhibition Product :
Machine tools, tools and units (machines, tools and installations for the processing of glass, Machine tools, Tools for the installation of a processing of wood, Machine tools, Tools for the processing of plastics, Machine tools, Tools for installation of metal processing, Machine tools, Tools and installations for application systems and finishing surfaces, machines, tools and installations for environmental protection systems), Operating systems and equipment (automatic technologies, work clothes, transportation systems, gluing systems, storage systems, measurement and testing systems, installation systems, finishing systems of surfaces, Transportation systems, drying systems, supply systems, removable devices, electronic and pneumatic, other) materials and tools (coatings, seal products, timber products and timber, adhesives, cleaning products, materials Abrasive), Glass and glass products (glass sheet, glass structure, glass with special features, insulating glass, handmade glass), tools, repair and safety equipment (tools, repair equipment, safety equipment, guidance and control systems), Awnings and Ventilation (Ventilation equipment, Sheds and awnings, Awnings), Machines, Tools and Installations (Machinery, Tools and Installations for Glass Processing, Machines, Tools for Wood Processing, Structural and Profiling Systems (Systems Window fittings, French window and door systems, industrial door systems, door systems, greenhouse systems, systems for other Structures), Semi-ready aggregates (semi-ready aggregates, semi-ready aggregates for French windows and doors, semi-finished products for industrial doors, semi-finished products for doors, semi-finished products for greenhouses, semi-finished products for other structures).

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Fensterbau Frontale Nuremberg

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