Intergastra 2020

Intergastra 2020
Exhibition Information :
The INTERGASTRA trade fair in Stuttgart is an international trade fair for the hotel, catering,  pastry and café sectors. More than 1,300 national and international exhibitors present their wide range of products and forward-looking ideas at the INTERGASTRA trade fair in Stuttgart.
INTERGASTRA is one of the top spots among the gastronomy and hotel industry trade fairs in Europe. This is where one and the other visitors and exhibitors are faced with largess inspiration, where they can let their imaginations run wild and experience the large variety of trends the gastro business has to offer.
INTERGASTRA claims to be a top spot among the European trade fairs for the hotel and gastronomy sector. This is the place where your ideas and concepts can become a project and finally evolve to product.
The biennial Intergastra in Stuttgart is a long-established platform for the hospitality world. The event covers all segments of the industry.
INTERGASTRA Stuttgart reinvents the face of food and beverage and catering at all levels. The trade fair welcomes the participation of startups and young companies with new perspective on services and flavours, who are committed to high quality and health benefits.
Business connections are the chief goal for exhibitors as you get leaders, specialty vendors and representatives of the gastronomy, hospitality, pastry shop and cafe sectors in attendance. Exhibition halls are lined with cash systems, luxury foodstuff, restaurant furnishings, sanitary equipment and so much more.
Exhibition Product :
Ice cream (raw materials and additives, ice cream makers, cooling technology and freezers, showcasing lighting systems, cups, glasses and spoons, advertising and presentation, shop design and construction, ice cream decoration) Drinks (soft drinks, Mineral water / springs, juices, energy drinks (hotel and environment (table layout, interior and exterior design, construction services, exterior and furniture, spa, health and wellness systems), coffee, kitchen and food.

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