Exhibition Information :
Once a year the Feriarte turns Madrid into a centre for antiquities, ornamental art and excellent paintry. This event will attract great puplic interest and is a meeting point for most notable antique dealers and gallery owners from Spain and all over the world. About 170 participants will be expected presenting more than 18,000 pieces of artwork corresponding to a diverse range of styles, periods and specialised fields.
The Feriarte will take place on 9 days from Saturday, 16. November to Sunday, 24. November 2019 in Madrid.
FERIARTE is an essential commercial, social and cultural event in Madrid. It is a leading reference to understand why antique and modern art  is becoming more and more popular.
This fair, which displays the best art from the past, is an excellent support platform for all antique dealers and gallery owners, as well as an interesting business opportunity for this business sector. The best Spanish and the most prestigious international antique dealers and gallery owners come to the event. Around 90 participants will exhibit pieces of diverse styles, eras and specialities.
FERIARTE is also a valued cultural platform for the dissemination of national and universal heritage.
Exhibition Product :
Antique watches and modern collections - Antique jewelry and modern collections - Architectural elements - Fireplaces - Columns - Doors - Enclosures for wells - Fonts of baptism - False ceilings - Wall grille - Coloring windows - Games And toys - dolls and accessories - medical instruments - scientific instruments and so on - furniture - carpets - curtains - silver - bronze - china - pottery - statues - paintings - coins and medals - jewelry.

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