Yasuj, Heart of the Iranian Mountains (Part II)

Yasuj, Heart of the Iranian Mountains (Part II)

The nature of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province does not need to be introduced. Every year, especially in spring, the province attracts enthusiastic tourists from all over the world. Let’s learn more with Alale.
In the first part of the travel guide to Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, after a brief introduction of Yasuj, we took a look at its popular city, Sisaket and its tourist attractions.in this article, we'll look at other cities in the province and their natural attractions.


Dugonbadan is the center of the city of Gachsaran with people who speak in Lori and Azari languages.

Ganj-e-Bnar Falls


The falls is located within 7 km from north of Gachsaran. Having 30 meters high, the fall flows as a result of many springs streaming togather. There is a mausoleum located near the waterfall, which is very respectful to the natives. Although Gachsaran has a warm weather, you can undoubtedly enjoy the airy fresh weather of this area.

The Kheirabad Chahartaq

Kheyrabad Chahartaq (literally meaning "four arches”) is a monument that dates back to Sassanid era. It is now located in the village of Deh Nasser, 50 km from Gachsaran. As mentioed, this work represents the authentic Persian architecture of the Sassanid era, and depicts the religion, politics, and the type of government of that period. If you are interested in history and historical monuments, do not forget to visit this building.


protected area of Khamin Mount

Thirty kilometers east of Douganbadan, there is an area of 25,671 hectares, covered with oak trees, hawthorn, erogen, wild figs, and etc. which is a very suitable habitat for various species of animals such as leopards, wild pigs, wild otters, brown bears, boars, Iranian squirrels, sable, wolf, rabbit, Partridge, hawk, owl, long leggy, forest pigeon. Unfortunately, due to the local and traditional predators as well as large number of carnivorous animals is threatening to this beautiful and pristine area. This old area, known as Balad Shapur, with an area of 60 hectares, located on the top of the city's new texture is now abandoned. Due to the presence of 7 mausoleum in its seven corners is also known as the Seven Dome.


Dehdasht Caravanserai

If we look at Dehdasht's historic texture on the western side, we will see a variety of old caravanserai, baths, Imam Zadeh Ibrahim and Imam Zadeh Jaber. This historical caravansary is related to the Safavid period.


Chehel Soton Mosque

This building is located in the north of Dehdasht's historical texture, and includes the works of the Islamic period and Dehdasht in Safavid era.

Litun Canyon

This unique resort is located in the Dishmok district of Kohgiluyeh within 165 km from Dehdasht. Beautiful caves and numerous waterfalls have doubled the beauty of this area. This beautiful canyon is located 70 km from Dishmok city. It has a dirt road and a mountainous path that, if you are interested in hiking, is the right option for you. The watery, full-bodied river stems from this beautiful canyon that flows all seasons of the year.



The city of Likak is the center of the Bahmei city in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed province.

The Brom Alvan Lake


Within Fourty kilometers from the town of Likak Bahmei and 80 km northwest of Dehdasht, there is a district by the name of Sar-Asyab Yousefi. The lake of Brom Alvan has givin this place a special attraction. The margin of this wetland is covered with straw, gaz, hawthorn, wild pistachio, almond and other rare plant species. Camping accommodations are located along this lagoon, with facilities such as a canopy, a living room and a bathroom.

Seruk Bmboss

These embosses are located within 6 kilometers from the town of Likak as part of the Parthian monuments related to Parthian era. If you are interested in historical works, make sure to see this monument.



Basht is another city in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed Province, with many natural wonders and attractions. Without a doubt, your arrival in this city will be a memorable one.

Khami Basht Falles

This cascade, located on the road to Basram and near the village of Tel Choga, is a permanent cascade as one of the best and most spectacular natural attractions in the city of Basset. The Khami waterfall is located in a canyon called Bara canyon, covered with beautiful oak trees, numerous shrubs and springs and abundant rivers. Your reward after a 3-hour hike in the canyon would be a fantastic view of the waterfall.


Shalaldun Tourist Area

On the transit road of Gachsaran to Shiraz, 7 km from the city of Basht, you will be faced with a lush green landscape. Extensive forest vegetation with beautiful hills and valleys have induced the community to provide the primary recreational facilities for camping.


Shah Pichab Cave


About 50 km in the northernmost point of the city of Basht, along the Mount Elvers, you will find the most unique monument of the Basque and Bavi areas. There are many inscriptions, and monuments inside the cave. Alongside these historic monuments there is a very beautiful and ever-flowing river that doubles the attractiveness of the area.

Brim Historical bridge

Eight kilometers from the eastern part of the city of Basht, you will reach a bridge which is the remainder of the Sassanid era created on the ever-lasting river of Brim. The magnificent bridge is the point of interest for many domestic and foreign tourists. It has been registered in the national monuments list. Some parts of this have been refurbished.



This town is the center of a city by the same name in the province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed.

The Belghais Cheram Spring

This gardens-spring is one of the tourist attraction of the city of Chram; it is located 2 km east of the city of Chram. Visiting this area is such a memorable adventure.


Alale would be honored to arrange you proper tours or accompany you for your visit in this area.


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