Yasuj, Heart of the Iranian Mountains (Part I)

Yasuj, Heart of the Iranian Mountains (Part I)

Yasuj, the capital of Kohgiluyeh-and-Boyer Ahmad province, is, according to many, the capital of Iran's nature. If you are planning to travel to this city read along with Alale.

The small, beautiful and mountainous city of Sisakht is locate 35 km away from northwest of Yasuj. Both of the Yasuj and Sisakht cities have attracted many enthusiastic tourists from all over the country, especially the southern regions, every year. Natural attractions such as lakes, rivers, springs, mountainous regions, vineyards, plains, parks and several beautiful villages have made these cities a great recreational destination. Let’s continue reading with Alale to learn what we need to know at the time of travel to these beautiful cities.



Unfortunately, there is a few historical attractions remained in the two thousands-year-old cities of Yasuj and Sisakht; so, in their trip to Yasuj, history lovers may be a little disappointed. However, nature lovers would experience whole another story.
Comparing to Sisakht, Yasuj has a more strategic position. The river of Bashar passes through this city. There is the beautiful beachfront park built right next to this river, which is a good place for camping.




The City of Sisakht, despite being much smaller than Yasuj, it is a place known for its first class gardens Grapes, walnuts and apples. The city owes this to its high altitudes (2,200 m above sea level) and the abundance of water result from melting snow.



Both cities have a very pleasant weather. Though Yasuj is one of the most polluted cities in the world, it's about to change. Once you step into this area and breathe in the fresh air, you’ll be amazed by weather and natural beauty.



Kohgiluyeh-and-Boyerahmad, generally is a four seasonal province divided into two tropical and cool section. Yasuj and Sisakht are located in the cold part of the providence.




During spring, and especially from May, which may be called the most beautiful month in the area, until mid-October, the weather of these two cities is moderately warm and desirable. The humidity is low and there is no annoying heat, except for the middle of the summer months. Of course, in the indoor environment, the situation is different and you will need to have air conditioning system.




The other months of the year, especially in late-December to mid-March, the weather is very cold, so it is strongly recommended to visit the ski resorts in this area.



Of course, it should be taken into account that during this cold period, in Sisakht you will experiences the colder weather due to the city’s position on the Dena mountain range. During this time, you should expect many rain and sometimes snow.


Also, in spring you may be caught in the middle of sudden rain and spring hail. However, the length of these rainfalls is often short and you can enjoy the rest of your tours with little patience. But in any case, you should have the right equipment.

Generally speaking, if you plan to visit these two cities, May is the best month, but you can also enjoy enough during the summer, especially if you prefer relatively warm weather. For winter-sports lovers, the ski resorts in winter are some great options.

Souvenir and Cuisine

Fortunately, the cities of Yasuj and Sisakht have many souvenirs. Among the major souvenirs of these two cities are Kallim, Gabbeh (kinds of rug), handmade carpets, bags, and mirrors), local costumes and more. Also, a variety of local cuisines are available including Natural honey, mountain walnut, Kashk (made of wheat), garlic, peach, apples, grapes, wild pears, hawthorn, plum leaves, apricot, local diluted yogurt and butter, oak  nut (Bali), local herbs, local breads (Keleg, Gerdeh, tiri) and etc.
You can often buy these items in the seasonal and permanent markets that are usually located in the Yasuj’s entrances. In the city of Sisakht, along the way to Mount Dena, you can see a number of venders offering their goods. Remember to make sure to visit the beautiful and thriving gardens of this city. In these gardens, you can find varieties of grapes, apples, peaches, plums, apricots and other fruits that are of high quality. Also, during your trip to Sisakht, you can go shopping from the lush green village Dah-Bar-Aftab, which also has great gardens.


Yasuj’s Attaractions

Yasuj Waterfall



Generally, if you ask any indigenous individual in the city, the first place you are introduced is the beautiful waterfall of Yasuj. The waterfall has become the city's biggest attraction because of its proximity to the city center (2 km) and its surroundings.




Crossing various paths, gardens and plains and valleys, by their amazing view, attract many tourists annually. The Yasuj municipality has also put up, numerous platforms and sanitary and other facilities in the area that provide the opportunity for all tourists to set up tent and start camping among the trees. This area is also well located in terms of security. If you ever visit Yasuj, do not miss the chance to visit this waterfall.


Beach Park



The largest park in Yasuj, with 14 hectares of land has laid on the Bashar River at the southern entrance of the city. The beach resort has long been a haunt for locals. It is also a good place for tourist to hang out for its amenities.



Of course, due to the crowdedness of the place, some might not like it. But then again, the lush and beautiful park surrounded by the river, is a great opportunity to see the unique views of the city. There are also several grocery booths, a children's park, boat racing, Yasuj’s amusement park, and Mehrvarzi (love) Park. In addition, the Beach Park, at various occasions, is a venue for events and celebrations.




Mehryan Canyon    




The Mehryan Canyon is located within a valley, 5 km from Yasuj city. If you are looking for a place to picnic, this place is a good choice.




Ganjehie Canyon




The Ganjehie Canyon is located within 13 km from Yasuj, in vicinity of a village with the same name.




 Thanks to its very special conditions and the tall oak trees, the canyon has become a very attractive destination for local people and world tourist.





The waters of several springs are merged together through this canyon, and along with the place’s excellent weather and beautiful features, many tourists chose this destination during the spring and summer. There is also camping platform and sanitary facilities in this natural park.



Dena Ski Resort


Dena or Kakan Ski resort is one of the best ski resorts in the country which located 18 km away from Yasuj, near the Kakan village. Also, if you are interested in learning this entertaining and exciting sport, there will be several classes at this resort. This track is usually open until mid-spring. Of course, due to the lack of attention of the authorities, the quality of services in this resort has been reduced.

Shah Qasem Dam-Lake

The beautiful dam of Qasem Shah is located within 5 km from the city of Yasuj. It is surrounded by a beautiful and lush green landscape.



Tang Tamaradi Falls

About 50 kilometers to the west of the city of Yasuj and along the path of the Sepidar road, after passing the difficult, rough and somewhat dangerous route, you will be rewarded with waterfalls and springs of  Tang Tamaradi.



Tang Tamaradi is surrounded by a beautiful, lush landscape in high altitudes, having great fresh air and away from any no pollution, the place is regarded as a paradise to many. The 50-meter waterfall located in this plain is the main attraction of this area. Also, in the vicinity of the village of Hossein Abad, which lies at the entrance of the plane, there is remaining of Achaemenid monuments.
In addition, this place is the location where the contemporary wars, including the Reza Shah’s Kay-Lahras War and the ancient wars of Alexander of Macedon had taken place. Also, several springs such as Balute Asali have created beautiful resorts in the area.

Yasuj’s Forest Park


If you are looking for a place to have a quiet afternoon with friends and family, and also like to watch the city from above, the park has been built for you. The park, with about 80 hectares of land, is located in the north of Yasuj, and is home to many trees and plants such as oak, almond, millet, keiks and bone, most of which are oak trees. Also, at sunshine and overnight, you can take a breathtaking view of the city.

Sisakht Attractions

Gol (flower) Mountain

Mount Gol is part of the Dena mountain range, which is located near the city of Sisaket and is considered to be the main tourist attraction of the city. Here you can find the beautiful mountain lake, mineral water springs, seasonal flows, magnificent nature, as well as beautiful flower plains. It does not matter if you are an indigenous person or a tourist, in any case you will be lost in the beauty of this region.


The city of Sisakht can be called the most beautiful city of the province and Mount Gol is the city's flagship. Also, there are plants such as Thymus and Anemone flowers, along with native birds such as ducks, herons and gypsy cocks around the lake create an enchanting beautify. The best time to visit this area is May and July.


Mishi Spring


Mishi or Besho springs, is located in an area about 5 km away from Siskaht, on Dena slopes. By passing a long sloping valley, the spring, provides the drinking water of the city and irrigation of vineyards, apples and walnuts in the area.
It is said that the spring’s water at a distance of 800 meters from its source is so cold that it cannot be kept in hands for a long time. You can stroll along this fountain and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the cool breeze that caresses your face.

Historical cemetery of Lema


The Lema cemetery, located near a village of the same name, was accidentally discovered during a road construction procedure. It is estimated to be about 3,000 to 3,500 years old. The main characteristic of this cemetery is the rocky and solid foundation of the cobblestone roofs. So far, valuable and historical objects have been discovered and extracted from this site. Beside this place, the Bashar River flows through a narrow gangways called Gumgo, which creates a very interesting atmosphere. You can enjoy the company of hospitable local people and enjoy local cosines such as dough, butter and kelp (bread made of chestnut (. Of course, the people of this village are so hospitable that they invite and cater to you even with delicious Kabab.

Creek Village

During your journey from Yasuj to Siskaht, in 15 km away from southwest of the city you can find a beautiful village with a staircase architecture (such as Masouleh village) and mostly old texture with very pleasant weather, hospitable people, a beautiful nature and many springs. It is considered to be one of the great attractions of the region.
The presence of vineyards, walnuts, apples, as well as plantain trees and lush green rice paddies have doubled the attractiveness of the village. Do not miss seeing this beautiful area during your trip to Sisakhat.
Alale will be happy to accompany you in your trip to Yasuj or arrange for you any type of tour you prefer.
Do not miss the second part of Alale’s story on Yasuj and its surroundings.

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