Vakil Bazar, a must see destination

Vakil Bazar

With a rich history of more than 2000 years, Shiraz province is located in the south-east of Iran. The city is known as the heart of Persian culture. The city’s name is associated with education, nightingales, poetry and wine. It is still one of the most important Islamic cities in the world. During the Zandyeh dynasty (AD 1747–79), Shiraz was the capital and so many beautiful mosques and buildings were built and renovated.

The tombs of Hafez and Sa’di (great Persian poets) are two of the most important pilgrimage sites for Iranians. Persepolis one of the middle-east’s major tourist destination is locate on Shiraz. The city is home to marvelous gardens, beautiful mosques and the other great attraction that take you to a magical ancient era. Vakil Bazar in Shiraz is one of the most famous bazars in Iran.
It is the central part of the Shiraz Bazar and was built under the order of Iran’s the King Karim Khan Zand in 18th century. After visiting Gheisarieh bazar (located in the city of Lar), Karim Khan was determined to promote Shiraz into a prominent trading center; in order to do so, he built Vakil Bazar to become a hub for merchants selling rugs, spices, handmade copper pieces and etc. This beautiful architecture has still maintained its then function.

The unique vibrant and energetic atmosphere of the bazar makes it one of the best destinations for visitors in Shiraz. This is not just a historical site adorned to attract tourists like the other similar spots around the world. The locals do their shopping in Vakil Bazar and the ancient ambience a long with the traditional commodities makes it a must see destination in Shiraz.
The wide-ranging vaulted brick avenues are the masterworks of Zand architecture. Theses architecture are designed in a specific way to make sure that the interior part of the bazar is cool during hot season and warm during cold season. Nowadays, some 200 stores in the bazar are selling rugs, carpets, handicrafts, spices and clothes.
The bazar encompasses 74 arches. Each arch is 11 meter in height which is astonishing. Vakil bazar has 5 grand doors in the corners. It also has two east-west and north-south strings that are crossed.

Today many cafes and restaurant have been built in Vakil Bazar. You can easily find a cozy traditional restaurant wherer you can order a dizi (a meat stew) or faloodeh Shirazi (rice noodles with a sweet rose syrup) which are Shiraz cuisines.
Atmosphere, eauty, tradition, ancient history, and buying souvenirs has made Vakil Bazaar one of the most popular spots in Shiraz.



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