Masouleh, not just a village

Masouleh, not just a village



Masouleh's historic village with a lush nature, airy atmosphere and a magnificent landscape in northern Iran. It is, in fact, one of the popular destinations for many tourists from around the country. Let’s learn more with Alale.
North of Iran is full of beautiful and charming villages and cities that can be considered as some of the best tourism destinations on weekends, holidays or days of Nowruz. By traveling to different parts of it, one escapes from every day troubles and finds tranquility in its pristine nature. Everyone could be a guest, enjoying fresh and soulful spirit of the region.
The beautiful and historic village of Masouleh with its beautiful architecture (most of the Masuleh houses are clay or yellow to be visible in foggy weather), the vast mountains and lush forests, is one of the famous tourist destinations located in north of Iran. The village nature is also well-known for its clean and airy weather, misty air, charming aromas of Chamomile and Angelica, lively spring, cool summers, colorful autumn and snowy winter. In addition to its natural attractions, Masouleh has been one of the most popular and lovely tourist destinations in Iran for almost eight centuries. With its historic and natural tourist attractions, Masouleh, hosts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists each year.

Kusham Masuleh Waterfall


At the heights of the forests of Masouleh and at the end of the forest valley, there is a 30 meter waterfall known as "Kusham". From this vantage point, you can see the beautiful path to the waterfall, which with its gentle slope is a good option for mountaineers. When visiting this beautiful natural attraction, the tourists will encounter a rocky wall at the end of this beautiful valley, which by leading to the downfall of the water creates the beautiful "Kusham" waterfall.

Masouleh's Bazar


Another tourist attraction in the mountainous region of Gilan province and the beautiful village of Masouleh, is the Masouleh’s bazar which is called the heart of Masouleh. One of the most prominent features of this market is its formation into four completely separate and independent levels, which have been revealed in building of the shops, so that the shops, at the lower levels, are consist of one story and at higher levels are consist of two stories. Tourists can easily find handicrafts, souvenirs and traditional handmade handbags in the bazar.

Masouleh’s Museum of Anthropology

The Anthropology Museum is another landmarks in Masouleh which began its activity in 2002. It is featured in three separate sections to present a collection of cultural heritages of this beautiful village.
In the first section, there are Instruments and tools as well as historical documents that date back more than a century, documents and instruments related to the two hundred years ago are found in the second section, and objects with four century old history, are stored in the third part of the museum.
In this museum agricultural tools, all kinds of pottery, precious objects, tools made of paper, glass, stone, war material, handicrafts and etc. that are associated with the history of Masuleh are preserved.

Masouleh’s Forest Park


This beautiful park with its 2,000 hectares space in the north of the country, has, nowadays, become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran for the presence of beautiful mountains and forests with lush trees and nature. a large part of the park located in Masouleh village consists of mountains. Construction of this park known as Masouleh’s Forest Park

In addition to providing recreational destination for tourists, construction of this park has protected the environment, trees and plant species, which is highly commendable. In this natural and fantastic resort, you can see various hazelnut trees, beech, hornbeam, alder trees, free trees, medicinal plants and grasses that give a unique beauty to this place.

Imam Zadeh Aoun ibn Muhammad

The mausoleum of Imam Zadeh Aoun bin Mohammad Hanafi ibn Ali (AS), including monuments in the village of Masouleh, is one of the monuments of the village which belongs to the second or third century AH. This blessed mausoleum is located in the center of Masouleh. According to the available documents, the mausoleum belongs to Mohammad Hanafi, the son of Imam Ali. There a tomb in this mausoleum on which the date wriiten 969 AH. Tourists can have this religious and historical place put into in their traveling schedule of Masouleh.

The peak of Shah Moalem (Masouleh-Dagh)


Estimated at an altitude of 3050 meters, the peak is another natural tourist attraction in Gilan province and Masouleh village. This beautiful natural phenomenon, located in the northwest of Masouleh, is also known as Masouleh- Dagh; due to its unsurpassed beauty and scenery and has a special place among the climbers in Iran.
Due to the beliefs of the local people in this region, the sign of this mountain is named after aself- righteous votary man known as Shah Moalem, who had been taking shelter in this mountain for many years to worship and meditate. His shelter is now his eternal shrine according to his will. Visiting this beautiful area will grant you a very memorable moments, providing an experience for a lifetime.

Larcheshmeh Waterfall

Near the village of Masouleh, there is a natural and beautiful phenomenon called "Larcheshmeh Waterfall", which today has become another popular tourist attraction in northern Iran. Located among a lot of lush forests of northern Iran, "Larcheshmeh" has an altitude of about 6 meters. The construction of a cafe, a place for camping, and a restaurant in the vicinity of this tropical waterfall has made it a popular destination for nature lovers.

Kourbar Masoleh Village


Among the country's most beautiful and spectacular country estates, Kurbar Masuleh has its special place, which lies between the lush mountains of Gilan province. The unique features of this countryside is the access path to it, which is in its very nature immensely spectacular. It is a path with pristine nature and exemplary beautiful scenery favored by the mountaineers and nature lovers. The exhilarating beauties brings you nothing but joy.
There are plenty of great destinations for those who long to visit the beautiful and historic village of Masuleh with a unique architecture and colorful and attractive houses that all of them could not be expressed in this article. Other places of interest in this beautiful mountainous village of northern Iran are Imamzadeh Ibrahim, Emamzadeh Hashem, Trisham Waterfall, Sahbalzaman Mosque, Ali Zakhoni Mineral sprng, Zamzam Mineral Springs and etc.


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