Where is Khosro Abad Mansion?

Where is Khosro Abad Mansion?

Mansions in different countries show different cultures and style of architecture. Iran is very rich in culture and history. Mansions and big houses in general, are of special importance in Iran. Alale has a story.
In definition, residential houses that are too large are referred to as mansion. Since aristocratic culture has always been prevailing in Iran, mansions has been symbol of this kind of life style.
Constructing these building is based on a certain style that we now call it Iranian style. The most prominent feature of Khosro Abad mansion is that its main building is located in a large garden. Khosro Abad mansion is one of dozens of Iranian beautiful building. In this article we are going to introduce it.




The construction of Khosro Abad dates back to the Qajar era and the year 1808. Amanullah Khan Ardalan Vali, the then governor of Kurdistan, ordered the construction of this building in a space with 6000 square meters. Some believe that the eastern part of the building called the Palace was built during the Zand ear and its development is attributed to Amanullah Khan Ardalan Vali. Although the building was used from time to time as the headquarters of the political government or a military base, most of the time it functioned as a place to perform ceremonies and hailing kings. Even Hassan Jahan Khanom’s wedding, the daughter of Fath Ali Shah, who married the son of Amanullah Khan was held in this the mansion.

The mansion’s plan includes a garden and a building is in the midst of it. The mansion has many parts. The main part of the royal palace with its pillared entrance is located in the western side of the complex. In the eastern side of the passageway you could see porch pillars see that overlooks the courtyard.

Building exterior includes bathrooms, rooms for the Qapchyans (concierges) and maids. In order for decorating mansion, stucco, Russian brickwork, and beautiful cross-shaped pool were used which well reflects Iranian architecture.

The interesting point is that the texture and the composition of materials used in the construction of every corner of the mansion including, kitchen, bathroom and stables as well as the east-west and south walls are almost the same. It’s worth mentioning that several buildings in the complex were built after the time Amanullah Khan.


Unfortunately the large arch over the main entrance of the mansion had been destroyed. The main door of the mansion is located across from a square marble pool. This door is constructed from 4 large pieces of walnut tree trunk which reflects the typical style of the castles at that time. Pond and fountains with running water on the third floor of the mansion is yet another characteristics of this invaluable complex.
Khosro Abad mansion is located on the Khosro Abad Boulevard in the city of Sanandaj. Garden Sets Khosro Abad is also very important. In the past by the mansion had been surrounded by four streets around the building facing the garden and the garden was consisit of four partswhich were surrounded by 4 ditches and with various trees.

Inscription can be found in the garden written in the name of Fath Ali Shah and Amanullah Khan and the date of 1223 AH is sculpted. In 1994 the refurbishment of the mansion was started. Khosro Abad building is registered in The Iranian Cultural Heritage under the number of 1491.




Kurdistan, Khosro Abad (Shibli) Boulevard



Since many parts of the Khosro Abad building have been renovated and today, it is owned by the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, many parts of the collection is available to the public. From the entrance of Sanandaj (12 Farvardin square) turn to the West. After about 600 meters turn right onto Kurdistan Boulevard.
From here it should be about 2 km and at the first roundabout turn left onto the street of Mastoureh Ardalan. After passing 700 meters, enter directly to Khanghah ST from Keshavarz Street. After passing 200 meters you will find Khosroabad mansion.

Fortunately, there is no need for paying fee for visiting this historical complex. Haft Asiab resort, Amiriyeh Park, Hammam Salahi, Pir Zadeh Emamzadeh, Hammam Shishe, and Salar Said Mansion are all close to Khosro Abad mansion. Alale will be more than honored to arrange a tour for you to visit this exceptional mansion.



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Khosro Abad Iran Sanadaj Mansion

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