Cave Katalehkhor, a Beauty in the Heart of the Earth

Cave Katalehkhor


Katalehkhor is dry-watery cave located in the city of Khodabande. The cave was first discovered in 1950 by a team of professional climbers. This was an introduction for this amazing cave to become filled with tourists from all around the world and become one of the most beautiful caves in Iran. Read along with Alale to become Familiar with the full story of Katalehkhor cave.
Katalehkhor is a cave in Zanjan province and the city of Khodabande. The main way to access the road is through Zanjan-Khodabande and along Zarinabad-Garmabe road. The cave was discovered by a group of the most famous Iranian climbers. Later on, a member of the group named Asadullah Jamali officially registered the cave, and from that time up until now, Katalehkhor has been considered as one of the most amazing caves in Iran, drawing the tourists’ attention to this amazing natural attraction.
The cave is now divided into the three parts of cultural, entertaining, and sports divisions. The entertaining section is now open to public; this section is 2 km long and quite straight. Sports section is exclusively open to cavers and rock climbers; this section is about 4 km long and the end of it has not been discovered yet.


Katalehkhor is limestone cave and almost as old as Alisadr cave in Hamedan. The key characteristic of Katalehkhor is that it is a dry-watery (unlike Alisadr cave which is a completely watery cave). Also, the limestone in the cave is very pure. This high purity leads to stalactites that are so transparent that light passes through them. The process of passing light through stalactite has given the cave a strange beauty; in fact, the cave owes its dramatic scenery to this.


Two interesting points is that according to a study that has been done, Hamadan’s Ali Sadr Cave is connected to Katalehkhor!
In the investigation carried out in this cave, 80 human skeletons were found that belonged to very far past. These skeletons are indications that primary people were living in this cave. In Katalehkhor there are sections called the Sleeping Lion Square, Bride’s Hall, Icicle Tunnel, and so on. Naming of these sections are based on the pictures that come to mind. Stalagmites and stalactites columns are the pillars holding the roof of the cave and prevent it from falling down which is one of the wonders of the cave.


120 million-year-old Katalekhor Cave, is the world's second large cave and one of the most beautiful caves in the world. Natural phenomena within the cave, makes a unique tour for those who are interested in caving. Alale is honored to be one of the pioneer tour holder for these tours in Iran.


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