Isfahan Part II

Isfahan, Cultural Capital of Islam, II

In the first part of our virtual tour to Isfahan province, we spelled out some of the most famous tourist destinations of the city has a lot of beautiful cities like Kashan, Chadgan, Khansar, Natanz, and etc. In this article, we have prepared a travel guide for visiting some of these cities. Read along with Alale.

In the following article about the province of Isfahan, we are going to briefly explain some of the attractions and locations in some of the major cities and towns of this province and point out some traditional souvenirs cosines of Isfahan Province, so that you’d make a better plan for your visit to this vast province.



One of the most spectacular and ancient cities of this province is Kashan. It has 4 sections and 6 cities, one of which is Kashan city which is an ancient city full of attractions. Here are some of the landmarks and tourist destinations of this city.


Hotel and Accommodation

Due to the large number of tourist coming to this place from all around the globe, there are many hotels built with a variety of qualities and stars. Some of the best hotels are included in the vast network of Alale and con offer the visitors the best possible price.


Kashan Tourist Attractions

Fin Garden


The construction of this enchanting garden dates back to the Safavid era. Fin Garden which undoubtedly is one of the most visited historical places in Isfahan province is very famous for its Fin bathroom. It was in this bathroom that Nasir al-Din Shah killed Amir Kabir, plus, the National Museum of Kashan is placed in this beautiful yet historic garden. The Garden of Fin, registered as one of the Iranian National Heritages, has been a UNESCO World Heritage site for many years now. Some of the buildings in this garden are functioning as a place for serving tea and Kabab.


Amin al-Doleh Caravanserai


Amin al-Doleh Caravanserai is one of the most prominent Iranian architectural monuments, built due to the orders of one of the renowned Qajar Regal named Farokh Khan Ghaffari, nicknamed Amin Dawlah, located in the middle of the Kashan Bazaar. It has been registered as one of the National Heritages of the country.


Kashan Bazaar


It is one of the most important historical monuments in this city of Kashan. The bazaar was most popular at the Safavid era during the reign of Shah Abbas I. Parts of it still belong to certain trades and are called based on the trade they include most, such as the Mesgarha (coppersmiths) Market, the market of goldsmiths and the like. There are a lot of historical monuments in this bazaar, including the famous Amin al-Doleh Caravanserai, Ab Anbar-e-Balal Bazaar, the Tamghachis Mosque and the Mir-emad Square Mosque.


Mosque of Aghabozorg School


Built in the Qajar era, this building is located on Fazel Naraghi Street.




The Tabatabaies Historical mansion


One of the most famous tourist destinations in Kashan is this beautiful house built by famous businessman Haj Seyyed Ja'far Tabatabai, the Natanzian resided in Kashan in Sultan Amir Ahmad Neighborhood. This historic complex has 40 rooms, 4 courtyards, 4 basements, 3 windcatcher and 2 qanats.


 The Brojerdies Mansion


Another spectacular building in Kashan, is the house of Boroujerdies, which was built by a Natanzi merchant named Haj Seyed Hassan Natanzi, in the Sultan Amir Ahamd. The adornments and beautiful paintings of this building have been carried out under the supervision of Kamal al-Mulk (the most famous Iranian painter). This house is now the place where Kashan Cultural Heritage Bureau is located.


NoushAbabd Historical City

Noushabad is located in the west of the city of Aran and Bidgol. It is naturally a flat plain, with no rippling or ups and downs. Its population is now more than 12 thousand.

Noushabad, the capital city of Anoushirvan’s (the Sassanid king) rein. In the admonitions of Ziarat-e-Noushabad and Imam Zadeh Mohammad Halal Tazkarah, Noushabad has been called the Alushiran Dar-al-Khalafeh, Anushirvan-dar-almolk, The Capital City of Anushirvan Khaqan, and the city of Anushirvan. There is an underground city in this area that has been designed and building up into the depths of the city, known as the Oui underground city.


Niasar Falls


One of the most important historical and cultural places of Niasar city in Kashan is Niasar waterfall which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran. Alongside the waterfall, there is one of the entrances to Raies-Niasar cave. The water of this cascade comes from the Talar (Eskandariah) spring.



Another city of Isfahan is Chadegan, the center of which is the Chadagan tourist city. A city near the Zayandehrud dam, which was called Partikan or Partikanan. The city is known for its many villas and recreational villages, such as the Zayandehrud Village, which have many facilities such as sports grounds, sailing facilities and restaurants. Some of the historical monuments in this area includes a tomb that allegedly belongs to Kaveh Ahangar. The Ashena Hill and the Oregon Bridge. However, the weather in this area is a little bit cold in the spring for those accustomed to hot weather.


One of the most awesome cities the reign in the spring is Khansar which is the center of Khansar District. This a city full of beautiful natural sceneries and abundant springs, located in the northwest of Isfahan Province.

Khansar’s Attractions

Fritillaries’ Plain in GolestanKouh


In the narrow valley on the slopes of Golestan Kouh in Khansar Dashti District, there are about ten kilometers of fritillarias, which in the spring double the beauty of Gastan Kuh. Golestan Mountain, in addition to being a tourist destination, is considered to be a botanical and medicinal plant research center.

Tomb of Babapir


It is one of the oldest historical monuments in Khansar, located in Sarcheshmeh Park. This ancient monument belongs to the Shaykh Abaadnanan known as Babapir, the first founder of Jafari religion in the seventh century.

Sarcheshmeh Park



One of the recreational centers of Khansar is the Sarcheshmeh National Park. The park is located on the slopes of Mount Khansar, where there are massive woods, beautiful springs come out of the mountains, and numerous platforms for visitors to seat among the beauty.

Khansar Jameh Mosque


This mosque, located in the southeast of Khansar, dates back to the Safavid era. The moldings and embossments of this beautiful mosque are also spectacular.


Another city in Isfahan is Natanz, the capital city of Natanz District. One of the beautiful villages in this city is the Abyaneh historical village.

Natanz Tourist Attractions

Agha Ali Abbas and Seyed Muhammad Mausoleum


This mausoleum belongs to Imamzadeh Agha Ali Abbas and Mohammad, the sons of Imam Musa Kazem, located 30 kilometers from Natanz and 8 kilometers from the city of Badrud, attract many tourists every year.

Abyaneh village



This village is one of the tourist attractions of Natanz. It attracts many tourists from around the world every year. It is a very popular touristic village filled with beauties and monuments, with many hotels and guest houses staying in. The Abyaneh Hotel and the Viouna Hotel are two of them.


Jome’ (Ja’ame) Mosque


The Juma Mosque, or Natanz Complex, is a collection of several religious buildings including Jame Mosque, a monastery, the Tomb of Sheikh Abdul Samad and a 37-meter minaret; all of which were constructed during the reign of Oljito Khodabandeh and his son Abu Sa'id Bahador Khan.


Samirom’s Tourist Attractions

Semirom Falls


A cascade of 35 meters high, known as the beautiful Zagros Bride, is located 4 kilometers east of Semirom. Its mountainous environment and its lush landscapes, especially in the spring and summer, attract many tourists. This fall was listed on the Natural Heritage Site of Iran in 2010.

Hana Alishah


One of the pristine and spectacular regions of Vanak city in Semirom is Hana Alishah (or Hanalethe in vernacular language). This area is also a good choice for hikers and climbers.

BiBi Seydan Falls


Another beautiful waterfall in Semirom is the Bibi Seydan Waterfall, which is located in a village called “Tange Nazi” alongside of the Semirom River. This waterfall is located at the border of the city of Semirom, where the city is connected to Yasuj. Of course, this cascade attracts more tourists during the heat season.

Khan Ali Semirom Historical Bathhouse


This is a historic bath dating back to the Seljuk era, and nowadays, after refurbishment and reconstruction, the Bath is now the site of the Museum of History and Culture of Semirom.

These mentioned are just a few attractions of this vast province. In the following, we have listed some of the other famous and spectacular attractions of the city in order for you to have more options for excursions and spending time in Isfahan: the tomb of Baba Qassim (Isfahan , The Sheikh Baha'i Citadel (the city of Najaf Abad belonged to Safavid era), Mausoleum of Imamzadeh Isma'il (Safavid and Seljuk), Imam Zadeh (Isfahan, Safavid era), Paul Maranan (Isfahan city, Safavid era), Shah Ali Esfahan city, a city in Safavid era), underground city of Damane (Damane, Freydoon, Safavid era), Isfahan Constitutional House, Ilchi Mosque (Esfahan city, Safavid), Sohrab Sepehri Tomb (Kashan), Sultan Ahmed Bathhouse (Kashan), Arisman Ancient Region (Badrud, Natanz).

Souvenirs and Cuisines


Traditional Foods

Surely when you travel to a foreign city or province, one of the most interesting parts of your trip is to try out special and traditional meals of that area. It is strongly recommended to try out some of the traditional and famous foods in the province of Isfahan (you should know that it is fatty foods). There are so many restaurant and booths serving this meal.


Some of the other traditional foods in Isfahan that you may be interested in trying out include Kallejoush, Halimbademjan, Gheymeh Rize with peas and meat and beans. The best restaurants in the city of Isfahan are the Suspended Aseman Hotel, Arakhan and Shahrzad Restaurants. And if you are looking for fast food, Khaneye Kentucky is a good choice with several branches and Nan-Doust Fast Food (on the street of Hakim Military). However, these days, there are a lot of fast food and almost every city and street.



Undoubtedly, the province of Isfahan is one of the producers of all kinds of handicrafts, so the souvenirs of this beautiful city, besides various sweets, include handicrafts, some of which are related to specific cities in this province. Such as sconces, crochets, pugs, and business purses.



But if you are looking for a delicious souvenir in this province, Gaz-e Isfahan is a good option. In addition to Gaz, you can also mention Polk, Isfahan Candy, Fereydoun Shahr’s Honey, and Kashan’s Golab Qamsar. Of course, you can also find these souvenirs with the best quality in the markets of Isfahan’s Naghshe Jahan Square.


In the end, we hope you enjoy each and every moment you spend in Isfahan (half of the world) wishing these guides be a little help for you to plan your travel. If there is any question or comment, do not hesitate to contact Alale.




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