Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin is the the most famous and the largest ski piste and winter sport centre in Iran. It is located in North West of capital Tehran in the middle of Alborz mountains.



This resort has a great amount of snowfall in winter each year and because of its high altitude and slopes which are faced northward, the snows remain for longer time in the area. This resort is a good place for acclimatization and parctice for those who intend to attempt Mt Damavand summit on ski. Dizin ski center is administered by Iranian Ski Federation.



Dizin has various pists of different grades and you may ski in different styles during the same day. There is also a beginner’s piste for newcomers. Skiing in Dizin area is good for the less experienced skier; about 50% of runs are suitable for beginners, 40% for intermediate and 10% for advanced skiers.


The sport activity in this resort is not limited to winter, it is also possible to ski on grass on the same piste in the summer. In fact Disin is the main grass-ski centre of Iran. The first int grass skiing competition was held at Dizin Complex In 1996 by the int ski federation FIS.


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Publish Date: 2016 Oct 27

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