Useful applications for Tourists in Iran

All currency converter app
Using this application you can easily convert any amount of money to Iranian Rial or vice versa.

 Iran information app


The application is not perfect. However it has provided some useful data and insights regarding all tourist attractions of Iran. You will not regret giving the app a try.




Lots of information and tips for anywhere in world (strongly recommended by world travelers).



No matter where you go, you would always need something to help you convey what you have in your mind.


Tehran Metro


The cheapest means of communication is the subway. Tehran Metro is providing all information and directions regarding the subway.




This app is the local version of Uber in Iran (low price taxi); unfortunately, only the Persian version of this app is now available. However, the English version of Snapp might be produced soon.  


Learn Persian (Farsi)


It will be a great help if you know few Farsi sentences for some essential situations like asking directions, finding nearest restaurant to eat Kebab or Dizi, or just helping you with numbers. This software will be very useful.


What’s App


One of the favorite messengers in Iran for sending instant messages and sharing photos with the groups of friends and families.


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Useful applications Tourist Iran

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