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Gorgan, is an ancient land in the paradise of Iran with numerous tourist attractions appealing to many tourists with a variety of tastes. If you are planning to travel to this city, read along with Alale.


Certainly, the city of Gorgan is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran, which can be considered as an ideal destination for a memorable and desirable journey. By traveling to this area in Iran, you can visit valuable historical, natural, lush, and obscure monuments that that bring you a fantastic life experience. Certainly, all Gorgan tourism attractions cannot be included in a single article, therefore this article only introduces the most famous and popular touristic destinations in the city.

Naharkharan Forest Park


One of the most beautiful and ancient recreational areas in the city of Gorgan is the Naharkharan Forest Park, which is famous for its beautiful and magnificent trees. It is also a charming, pleasant weather along with a hillside forest is another attraction in the park attracting many tourists to this place.

Tuskestan Forest


40 km away from southeast of Gorgan, there is a beautiful forest with pleasant weather, especially in summer, which is considered to be the resort of many tourists and nature lovers. Of course, you should consider the fierce cold in this area during winter.

Gorgan Bazaar


Another touristic attraction in Gorgan is the city’s Bazaar which is known as Na’lbandan among locals. The bazaar is located in the old part of Gorgan, and it can be considered as one of the most beautiful markets in northern Iran. The products offered at this place are of the best quality and many tourists visit the place to both buy and visit.

Gorgan Defensive Wall


The Gorgan wall which is known as Ghezel Elaan, Sade Eskandar, Sade Anooshirovan, Sade Pirooz and Mar-e Sorkh Sassanid. The construction of the Wall belongs Sassanid rule dating back to 1700 years ago. It lays from Gomishan area to the Gileadagh mountains. In fact, this monument can be described as one of the tallest architectures of ancient Iran, which unfortunately today much of it has been destroyed.

Gorgan Central Mosque


Alongside a huge number of tourist attractions in Gorgan, there is a historical monument dating back to the Seljuk era, from the time it has been referred to as the Gorgan Grand Mosque. The old mansion has spherical minarets, which are inscribed by the use the Kofi script. Unfortunately, today only the minaret of the primary building has remained intact.

Gorgan’s Emadiah School


In the old neighborhood of Gorgan city, there is a mansion with more than 500 years of existence, laying an area of over 1550 meters that includes sections such as Abanbar (water storage), Bath, Golshan Mosque, mausoleums, cemetery, several shops and etc. Although precise information about its age of the mansion is not available, according to the initial construction, experts believe that the building was built late in the Timurid and early Safavid era.

Palace-Museum of Gorgan


The constructing of the mansion belongs to the first Pahlavi regime and one of the palaces of the Pahlavi family located in Gorgan. This monument has been refurbished and repaired by the authorities of Gorgan city who have changed the function to become Gorgan Museum. This museum is known as the first museum of the northern Iran and the fourth archaeological museum in Iran.

Gorgan Qazlagh Caravanserai


The caravanserai is made of gypsum stone and mortar and is located in the mountainous region of Gorgan, which is known as the Qazlagh Caravanserai. The site with its interesting and remarkable architecture, dates back to the post-Islam era. This interesting architectural features have made it to become a remarkable tourist attraction in the city.

Alangareh Forest Park


In the northern forest ranges and on the roadside of Gorgan’s Naharkhoran, there is a beautiful park located in a unique landscape, known as the Allendraleh Forest Park. Like many natural and touristic spaces of Gorgan, this park has a favorable, pleasant and unique weather, which is considered to be one of the attractions of Gorgan, with an area of 185 hectares and eight natural springs.

Ziarat Village


10 km from the spectacular Nahahrkhoran, there is very beautiful village with beautiful waterfalls, hot water springs, mausoleum and a pleasant climate which is known as the village of Ziarat. Architectural features and the houses of this village as well as its history are of the important reasons behind the reputation of this region of Gorgan in the tourism industry. The area is, in fact, one of the most sought after places in Iran.

Tourang Historical Hill


The formation of his historic hill is dating back to the third millennium BC, 17 kilometers northeast of the city of Gorgan, which is known for its tropical hill. This historic and valuable place is made up of a few hills with a very close proximity that can be considered one of the country's largest hills. Valuable historical monuments dating to the fourth millennium BC have been discovered in this place, which has added to its importance and has become one of the attractions of Gorgan tourism.

Rango Falls


In 15 kilometers southwest of Gorgan, there is a cascade of semicircular inlets, consisting of a major fallout area and several sub-plots. Around this natural beauty phenomenon, you can observe a variety of vegetation, which, along with a cool and delicate climate, is an excellent choice for the visitors.

Jahan Nama protected Area


Jahan Nama recreation center is a wonderful resort, located in the southern hights of Gorgan and in the southeastern part of Kurdkoy city. In this area there is a very beautiful nature in a pristine areas with wild and animals and a cave called Jahan Nama, one of the most valuable sources of Golestan Province. This annual resort hosts a large collection of domestic and foreign tourists.

Nomal Falls


Nomal Falls is a collection of 6 large cascades located 4 km away from the north of the village with the same name and. It is situated in the heart of the forests of a region called Chehel Gisou. The Village is difficult to access, which makes it a great experience for those ready to pave an undisturbed beautiful area. The highest waterfall in the area is also known as Nomal Waterfall, which is considered as another tourist attraction in the city of Gorgan.

Tushan Lake


The beautiful lake in the heart of the magnificent Alangareh forest, is located in the southern part of the village of Tushan Alangareh, 5 km south of Gorgan well-known for its lake. The beauty, the airy atmosphere, the beautiful forest cover, the various species of fish, and the dam in the vicinity of the lake have made it a popular destination for tourists.

Taghaviha Mansion


Taghaviha Mansion is a historic collection belonging to the Qajar dynasty, which has been built in an area of about 2,000 square meters which is partly bought and restored by the Cultural Heritage Organization, and other parts are also in the position of the heirs. This ancient mansion belonged to one of the merchants of time called Haj Mirza Mohammad Taghi Taghavi. The mansion has been built based on the beautiful and distinctive architecture of the time and today is one of the attractions of the city of Gorgan.

Other natural attractions such as Alangdareh forest, Sardansar nature, Shast Kalateh cascade, Tavarnarab Valley Waterfall, Talanbar Mountain, Gorgan Lake, Chelchelly forbidden hunting area, Shastkallah forest, Ziarat waterfall and etc. are just a small part of the tourist attractions of this region of the country.

If there is any question or if you need any further information regarding this beautiful region, please feel free to ask Alale.





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