Best Destination for Summer Trip, Part I

Best Destination for Summer Trip; Northern Iran (Part I)


The magical landscapes, the lush and dreamy roads, the magnificent and ancient monuments, are just small parts of Iran's paradise that attracts many people. Read about the best destinations for summer trip in this article provided by Alale.

Iran is an amazing country with various seasons, which each season presents a fantastic and dreamy story for itself. This ancient yet spectacular country with its magnificent attractions and unique architectures as well as stunning scenery in the most vibrant natural places, the diverse weather in each season, rich culture and art and etc has become a popular summer destination providing opportunities for tourists and nature enthusiasts to put their hearts on the roads and travel to cool areas of Iran.






Gilan has always been one of the best destinations for tourism in Iran, and has always been the host of travelers and tourists coming to this city to enjoy its pristine nature and pleasant weather. Masal is a city in Gilan province, where some of the most famous and beautiful plains in the country is located.3


With a lot of natural attractions and unique weather conditions, this area attracts many travelers in spring and summer. One of the most famous destinations in this area is the Olasbelanga village situated 25 km south of Masal and at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level.


In this wild nature, you will have the experience of walking on the clouds, which is a dream come true in our minds. Spending the night in the wooden houses of this bay area is a memorable experience that even the thought of it refreshes the soul.




Ardabil Province is known for its good and cool weather in summer, its natural and cheerful cuisines and the hot springs of Sarein. Sarein is a city with ever-boiling springs, which in the summertime turns to become a vibrant attraction for travels from different parts of the country who seek water treatment or want to escape the summer heat.

The most important spa resort in Sareen is the Sabalan Spa, which is one of the largest and most famous spas in the whole of the Middle East. In addition to the spa, the city has many attractions such as the ancient Anahita hill, the Atashgah Village, the Shaghayegh village and Alvars Ski Resort (the largest ski resort in Iran), which should not be missed.




Mazandaran is a spectacular and lush country in the northern part of our country, and many of its cities are very famous for having great touristic features. Javaherdeh, one of the villages of the city of Ramsar, is an indescribable beauty and a masterpiece of creation in the realm of nature.


This village has beautiful countryside and pleasant weather that makes it one of the greatest tourist destinations in the summer. The streams of this village, with its beautiful waterfalls, the famous and delicious cuisines of the village such as Sour Chicken, Mirza Ghasemi, Bademjan Ghaliah, Shirin Tareh, and the warm and friendly behavior of the locals, have made the village a great destination for the hot seasons, creating sweet memories and joy for the visitors.




Deylaman, the most beautiful outskirts of the eastern Gilan, is one of the most pristine and most spectacular corners of the lush green area of Gilan. The area is known for its cool, mountainous climate, abundant springs, lush landscapes, as well as magnificent peaks.


Deylaman, located at 2200 meter above the city latitude and in the city of Siahlkal in Gilan province. It is a small city that hosts a large number of tourists every year, especially during the summer months. Even in the summer, the weather of the area is cool and sometimes you are required to wear warm clothes at night.


Deylaman has a beautiful, lush mountain called Darfak, which has created a beautiful view for this area. Seeing this white snowy peak surrounded by forest greenery is very exciting.


Except for the green hills and the feeling of being free and liberation in this dreamy nature, waterfalls, rivers and forests, Deylaman has other historical attractions such as the Mirblok bathhouse, the historic castle of the village of Garmaru, and other wonderful places that make traveling to this delightful area more enjoyable for its travelers.



Damash is a high land in the province of Gilan, it is famous among the locals as close to the sky, standing on a magnificent mountain and painted in the green forest. It worth it to passing through the muddy mmeandrous paths to visit this dreamland and reach the gorgeous paradise.


The climate of the village of Damash is moderately cool in the spring and summer. However, it is very cold in the fall and winter seasons, which is why the area is one of the great destinations for summer travel.

One of the natural attractions of this village is the "Susan Chelcheragh" flower, which if you have the chance to get to Damash in the early summer, you’d be amazed by seeing the plain full of this kind of flower. By geeting close to these pleasant weather and beautiful scenery, you’d get the chance of visiting these beautiful flowers.




Alasht is one of the cities situated in Savadkuh district in Mazandaran  Province and is the place where Reza Shah Pahlavi was born. With an unsurpassed nature, this area is the host to many travelers. By getting to this place, you can experience living among the clouds. You can experience the generosity of fresh air, be a guest to the clouds, fell the sun above and enjoy the green forest all at oce.


The summer season is one of the perfect time to travel to Alasht to be surrounded by so many beauties. Alasht, with its beautiful nature, waterfalls and unique climate, and warm and kind people, is a pleasant place to experience in summer.


There are a way more attractions in this part of Iran, some of which is going to be covered in the second part of this Article provided by Alale.




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