Zahedan, Southeastern Metropolis

Tourist Attractions in Zahedan

Zahedan is the capital of Sistan and Baluchestan province and is one of the metropolises located in the southeast of Tehran province. In addition to the natural tourist attractions, historical monuments put this area in a special place. If you are planning to travel to this city from our country, you would definitely need these information provided by Alale.


The city of Zahedan, with its great geographical location and with its warm and dry weather, is surrounded by numerous mountains. Like many other Iranian cities, the city has many historical and natural tourist attractions that make this city a good option for tourists to visit.

Ayoubi's house


The Ayoubi House is one of the historical tourist attractions in Zahedan, built in the early 20th century and in 1311by the late Mohammad Ali Mahmudi. This mansion has now been functioned to be the traditional workshop of Zahedan and tourists are visiting this place after visiting Zahedan.

Nusrat Abad Caravanserai


Somewhere around the road of Zahedan to Bam, there are remnants of old caravansary that is known as the caravanserai of Nosrat Abad. It seems that the architecture of this place belongs to the Sofia era.

Zahedan Zaranj Mosque

The Zaranj mosque belongs to the first century AD. It was, apparently, built by Abdul Rahman bin Samrah, the then Arab ruler, in front of the Zaranj prison. This mosque has two minarets, one old and one covered with copper, which was built by Jacob Laith. It is today it is another attraction of Zahedan.

Shah Ali (Al-Ali) Mosque

In the mid-nineteenth century, Malek Shams Aldin Ali, one of the laet kings of Zahedan, ordered the construction of this mosque which is now known as the Shah Ali Mosque or Al-Ali Mosque. It is interesting to know that there are two engraved plates dating back to the nineteenth century. On one of these plates there is written the name of the constructors of the mosque, and the other plate is also a monument created to commemorate the death of Amir Ghiath al-Din Mohammad Kiani, a king from Sistan’s Sultan dynasty.

The village and the cave of Ladiz


100 km from Zahedan, there is a beautiful village with a wonderful view known as the Ladiz village. An interesting feature of this village is the natural cave with the same name that is located in the heart of the mountains. During the whole time of the year, there are drops of water on the ceiling, as well as a continuous flow of water on the floor, which creates a natural and admirable landscapes.

Hamoon Lagoon in Zahedan.


On the border of Sistan and Baluchestan province and Afghanistan, there is a seasonal lagoon, known as Hamoon Poozak. This natural phenomenon covers an area of about 1,600 square kilometers, of which only 350 kilometers are located in Iran. The great Hamoon lagoon in the rainy seasons of year is formed through merging of Hamoon Poozak, Hamoon Saberi and Hamoon Kuh Khajeh lagoons. This natural phenomenon is another attraction of Zahedan tourism.

Zahedan’s village of Tamin


Tamin village is one of the beautiful villages with historical texture, pristine nature, unique climate and pleasant weather that has become another attraction of tourism in Zahedan. This region of the country among tourists is known for its rocky architecture, which cannot be seen in most villages in Iran.

Iran’s Regional Museum of Southeast


One of the largest museums in the south-east of Iran is located in Zahedan. It is known as Iran’s Regional Museum of Southeast. It is a historical, cultural and artistic museum in which you can see the ancient works of people of Sistan and Baluchestan province, the traditional food of this region, the diversity of animals and local clothing. Visiting this place will be interesting and exciting for tourists.

Zahedan Post and Communications Museum


In the early 14th century and in 1311 of Persian calendar, a building was constructed in Zahedan with the use of materials such as clay and bricks by the designers to show the native architectural style of the desert. It is interesting to know that this building was used as a post office and telegraph office of Sistan and Baluchestan at the time when it was active. Today, the building has been renovated and functions as the Post and Telecommunication Museum.

The Mineral Spring


The beauty of nature and its unique attractions are the most important reasons for visiting and traveling to areas that enjoy this blessing. In some villages of the country, such as the village of Tamin in the city of Zahedan, there is a mineral water spring, which is the only supplier of water to the villagers. Also, the presence of mineral salts, the degree of heat and the source of this spring that comes out of a beautiful rock are some of the characteristic features of this natural phenomenon. The temperature of the spring is high during the cold days and low in the hot days of the year. This is a lovely place for tourists to enjoy the natural phenomenon that amazes experts.

The Mausoleum of Seventy Mullah


Some 20 kilometers from Tamin village, in the villages of Zahedan, there is a mausoleum with an approximate area of 50 square meters and is known as the Mausoleum of Seventy Mullah. The cemetery is built in a series of five-story graves located on the slopes of highlands that are nestled in the countryside. Archaeologists believe that the creation of this mausoleum dates back to the middle Ages.

 Ladiz Castel

Located 17 km southwest of Mirjave, between the country and the village of Tamin, there are some interesting and old fortresses known as Ladiz Castle. For the foundation of this castle, massive stones were used on which there constructed walls consist of brickwork. This part of Zahedan is another tourist attraction that can be of interest to tourists.
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