When pregnancy goes wrong

pregnancy-wrong-alale.co.Sadly, some women may have to face a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy or the death of the baby. Use the links below to read about some of the things that may go wrong. If your pregnancy ends in this way, you will need both information and support.

Talk to the people close to you about how you feel, and to your midwife, doctor or health visitor about what's happened and why. Sometimes it is easier to talk to someone outside your family and friends. There are lots of organisations offering information and support, including Bliss, Cruse Bereavement Care and the Miscarriage Association.


Ectopic pregnancy

This is when a fertilised egg implants outside the womb, usually in a fallopian tube. The fertilised egg can’t develop properly and your health may be at serious risk if the pregnancy continues. The egg has to be removed – this can be through an operation or medicines. The warning signs of an ectopic pregnancy can start soon after a missed period, but occasionally there are no noticeable symptoms.



A miscarriage is when a pregnancy is lost before 24 weeks of pregnancy. It is thought that around one in five confirmed pregnancies ends this way. Many early miscarriages (before 12 weeks) happen because there is something wrong with the baby. A miscarriage can start like a period, with spotting or bleeding. A later miscarriage may be due to an infection, problems in the placenta, or the cervix being weak and opening too early in the pregnancy.


Losing a baby

In some pregnancies, the baby dies before it's born (known as a stillbirth) or soon after (neonatal death). Around 4,000 babies are stillborn in the UK each year, and a similar number die soon after birth. Losing a baby in this way is a huge shock. 


Termination for foetal abnormality

In some pregnancies, tests will detect a serious abnormality in the baby. You will probably be very shocked if you’re told this diagnosis, and will need to take time to think things through. In this situation, some couples decide to terminate the pregnancy.

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Publish Date: 2016 Oct 29

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