3 Day visit to Ahavaz

First day

If you have plan to travel to Ahvaz (center of Khuzestan province) while you cannot spend a lot of time on this trip and or research about its tourist attractions, then go through this article because Alale has a 3-day plan trip to Ahvaz which covers a great deal of attractions in this city.


If you want to have a different yet adventurous experience in your trip to Ahvaz, make sure you have a trip to the beautiful Karun in your schedule. But if you have already planned to take the trip and look forward to seeing the magnificent attractions of this city (from the beautiful beach of Karun, palm trees palm trees to famous Lashkarabad, and warm and hospitable people), then go through this article. Perhaps reading this article is the first step towards starting a new, warm, and unforgettable experience.
If you are traveling by car, you need to pass the 824 kilometer long route from Tehran to Ahwaz. In case, you don’t stop for too long and no traffice comes up in your way, trip will not take more than 9 hours. When you arrive in Ahwaz this journey, if planned consciously, will surely be one of your most enjoyable experiences.

Kaveh Bazaar

•    Average time for visiting: 1 hour
•    Distance from center of the city: 10 minute walk
You can start your journey by walking through the alley to the alleyways around the hotel. Here, passing through the streets and alleys, you get the general feeling of the city and its middle class people. Few hundred steps away from this place to east towards the martyrs' square, you will find your way to the streets of Kaveh Bazaar and you will see a warm, vibrant, passionate and bold market. Here you get exactly the same feeling as you expect from Ahvaz.
The construction of Kaveh Bazaar dates back to the Pahlavi era. This is a perfect place for buying souvenirs. Here, the smell of southern fish and fresh shrimp, spicy spices and pickles create a special atmosphere that you will only experience in Kaveh Bazar. you will see shops selling varieties of dates, ardah (A sweet breakfast food in Iran), sap, and etc.

Imam Bazaar

•    Average time for visiting: 1 hour

A few steps away from Kaveh Bazaar, you can enter into the old Imam's indoor Bazaar. Imam Market is one of the most spectacular markets ever seen. This is a place to shop, experience the daily routine of the southern people and, of course, if you are into photography, you’ll find it a place full of pure subjects for photography. With a few queries, you can find the right path to reach the Pakistanis Bazzar and thereby find Naderi Street.

Naderi Street

•    Average time for visiting: 1 hour

Naderi is also one of the old streets of Ahvaz, covered on both sides with rows of shops and stores, and vendors who have occupied the pavement. Naderi, perhaps is the busiest place in the city, full of the middle class Ahvazies and local students who like to buy and enjoy a warm and passionate day. At the beginning of Naderi Street, where it reaches the bridge of Naderi, you can see one of the most famous dining outlets in Ahvaz. A small shop serving a hot Russian donuts with hot milk which is very tempting in the winter.

Museum of Contemporary Art

•    Average time for visiting: 40 minutes
•    Distance from the center of city: 19 minute walk


Since we have started the first day with a cultural visits; let’s keep on. A few hundred meters below the Naderi Street, the Ahvaz Museum of Contemporary Arts is located, you can enjoy the works of artists and the architectural design of the museum's building.
After an artistic visit, the idea of having a cup of coffee with cake would be appealing. You can sit an hour at a nearby cafe and relax. Plus, you could review your experience of the day.

Walking along the Karon

Our suggestion for ending the first day is to sit in a cozy spot along the beach and watch the beautiful Karon. You could have small talks with street vendors and families who spend the night there, asking about Ahvaz's attractions and souvenirs.

Second Day

Moin al-Tajar building

•    Average time for visiting: 15 minutes
•    Distance from the center of city: 7 minute walk


The construction of this monument, which is one of the remnants of the ancient city of Ahvaz, dates back to the Qajar era during the reign of Nasir al-Din Shah. The building is in fact a caravanserai near the White Bridge, located in the old texture of Ahvaz in the 24-meter street, in West Kaveh Street. Moin al-Tajar building has been registered as one of the national heritages of Iran.

Pol-e-Sefid (the White Bridge)

•    Average time for visiting: 30 minutes
•    Distance from Moin al-Tajar building: 10 minute walk


Anyone who has ever been in Ahvaz either had a plan to visit or actually has walked on the white bridge. This bridge, built in 1315 on the Karun River, is undoubtedly the most important and most familiar symbol of Ahvaz city. Perhaps taking a picture of this bridge is one of the most beautiful memories of your trip to Ahvaz. It takes you about 5 minutes to walk from Moin al-Tajar building to the White Bridge.

The Segoush (three cornered) Faculty

•    Average time for visiting: 15 minutes
•    Distance from Pol-e-Sefid: 10 minute walk


The building was constructed based on the magnificent Sassanid era architectures with brickwork and other materials related to Islamic era. German architects designed this building which is now one of the cultural heritages of the country. This spectacular monument is located adjacent to the western margin of the Karon River and is located in a short distance from Sa’at (clock) square.

(Rah-Ahan)Railroad Square

•    Average time for visiting: 30 minutes
•    Distance from the college: 8 minute walk


After visiting the college, if you take a few hundred steps to the west, you can reach Hejrat Park. The park is located at the center of a square surrounded by a large number of outlets and shops. This is one of the best places to eat and drink Southern style. This square is actually one of the oldest buildings in Iran and the city of Ahvaz.

Sort Masrup church

•    Average time for visiting: 30 minutes
•    Distance from Rah-Ahan Square: 13 minut walk


On the evening of the second day of your visit, you can get to the Cathedral of Sort Masrup. By walking through the 24-meter street on your left, you will find your way to this church. The Sort Masrup church has been built in 1347.

The Shrine of Ali Ibn Mahziar

•    Average time for visiting: 40 minutes
•    Distance from the church: 15 minute walk


Seven o'clock in the afternoon may be the most suitable time for pilgrimage to Ali bin Mahzir Shrine. Ali ibn Mahziar Ahvazi was a famous scholar of the Shi'a and the companions of the Imams in the 3rd century AH. In 201 Hijri, a mosque was built in Imam Reza’s residence in Ahvaz. Ali ibn Mahzjar, after death, was buried in this mosque. Today, this place is a religious shrine and a place for commemorating one of the greatest men ever lived in this land.

Sayah (Black) Bridge

•    Average time for visiting: 10 minutes
•    Distance from the Shrine: 7 minute drive


The Sayah Bridge, which has nationally been registered as a heritage, was constructed in 1929 as a part of the construction of Iran's national railroad. The bridge, later on, came to be known as the Black Bridge for its color. The interesting point about this bridge is that it was built on the Karoon River almost at the spot as the Shadavan Bridge had been built in Sassanid era.

The longest artificial waterfall in the Middle East

•    Average time for visiting: 1 hour
•    Distance from the Shrine: 8 minute walk


Perhaps seeing the longest and most beautiful artificial waterfall in the Middle East is one of the most important parts of your trip to Ahvaz. This waterfall, which has been built on the Seventh bridge of Ahvaz, is worth visiting. Local people often choose going to the seventh bridge for fun and relaxation; fountains thrown water into the river as well as the unique lighting that comes with create a spectacular view.

The Third Day

Kianpars Bridge

•    Average time for visiting: 30 minutes
•    Distance from the Shrine: 10 minute drive


On the morning of your third and probably last day in Ahvaz you can start the day by walking on Kianpars Bridge. This bridge connects two important cities in Ahvaz. To reach this bridge, you must have a ride with one of the taxis located at the Shohada Square Terminal.
Newside Neighbourhood

•    Average time for visiting: 4 hours
•    Distance from the bridge: 10 minute walk
If you enjoyed walking on the bridge, now it's time to visit one of the old yet different neighborhoods in the city. If you exit the bridge on the eastern side of the Laleh Park and River, you will be just a few hundred meters away from Newside. Newside, as a part of the oil and gas company's corporate offices and houses, has been built many years ago after a neighborhood in London. Newside is a peaceful, quiet and tranquil location with large villas surrounded by box-trees.


•    Average time for visiting: 1 hours
•    Distance from Newside: 11 minute drive

We chose to visit Kianpars at 6 o'clock so that we could walk in the streets both in daylight and in the dark of the night. Kianpars is one of the most famous neighborhoods of Ahwaz on the western border of Karon. It has become one of Ahwaz's most important quarters. Here you can see the stylish branded shops, restaurants and cafes. Due to its location on the margin of the Karun River, this neighborhood is suitable for the construction of a beautiful beach park that is very busy on holidays, especially the Nowruz. It has always been a particular point of interest for tourists come Ahvaz. Walking from the eastern side of Kiangpars towards the east, you will arrive at an astonishing beach park.


•    Average time for visiting: 1 hours
•    Distance from Newside: 12 minute drive
Is it even possible to be in Ahvaz and not try Falafel, Pakorah and Ahvazi Samobusa? If you love Falafel, then undoubtedly you will love Lashkarabad. This neighborhood, located across from Shahid Chamran University, represents the traditional and Arabian texture of Ahvaz. There is a Bazaar by the name of Falafel Froushha (sellers) which is named after all the various falafel shops.
Alale will be honored to accompany you or provide you with a suitable tour for Ahvaz.




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