Places near Tehran that you should visit (Episode II: East of Tehran)

Places near Tehran that you should visit (Episode II: East of Tehran)
Getting away from hustle and bustle of Tehran for many people living in this big city is not that difficult, because there are numerous places near this city which have both recreational and educational. In the previous episode of Tehran interesting places, we took a virtual trip to west of the city. Now come a long with Alale to have a look at different tourist attractions in East of Tehran.


Fasham, also called Ooshan-Fasham-Meygun is located in the Rudbar Qasran District of Shemiran County; it is also called Ooshon-Fasham in the language of the local people. Shemiran consists of four towns of Tajrish, Lavasan, Shemshak, and Fasham. The county is now is considered to be the first district of Tehran. Ooshan-Fasham is a gorden city located, within 25 km, in northeast of Tehran in Lashgarak route. Ooshan, Fasham, and Meygun have so many fruit orchards with a mild temperate weather in spring and summer. To get to Fasham, take Zinedine Highway to east and enter into Shahid t Bagheri highway and via Babai highway go to Lashkarak road and finally thereby Fasham.



Lavasan Garden City with many modern designed villas. Some of the mansions and buildings constructed in Lavasan for many years considered to be architectural masterpieces of Iran. City Lavasan is surrounded in the north by the Virgin Mountains, Baghdareh, and Kand and Afjeh, from the west by Qasran Mountains, from the East and Northeast by Ira, Filzamin, Lavasankoh, and Jajrood Mountains and from the south by of Tello, Quchak, Zinkoh, and Arakoh mountains. To reach Lavasan, the martyr Zinedine highway to the East and go through Bagheri Highway martyr to martyr Babai highway and hit the road Lashkarak and go from there Lavasan take Zinedine Highway to east and enter into Shahid t Bagheri highway and via Babai highway go to Lashkarak road and finally thereby Fasham.

Vashi Strait


Vashi Strait, also called Savashi Strait is located by the 15 kilometers of northwest of Firoozkoh county. Having great weather, the area hosts throngs of travelers and tourists in summer. Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the trip to Vashi Strait is boating in the river located between rock valleys. Since the area is very close to Tehran, a tip to this area could be a one-day trip. There are thousands of tourists taking trip to Vashi Strait in the summer. On the rout of Tehran-Damavand, 17 km after Firoozkooh, take the left exit toward Vashi Strait.

Tello Stumble


Tello Natural Park is located within 5 km of Tello rout in Shahid Babaei Highway. This beautiful natural resort has become a recreation hub in east of Tehran for central basis for all types of tourism, recreational and sport services. It should be noted that the roads leading to the park is full of beautiful natural landscapes that bring with themselves many good memories. To reach this natural Park, you should take Shahid Zinedine Highway to the east, take the Damavand exit and after the U-turn go on the Tello road.

A’la Spring


There is spa in 51 km within Tehran-Abali that locals call it A’la Spring. A’la in Persian means golden; the reason behind this name is that the mineral water naturally pumped up from the ground is very rich.  Since the area is one of the summer tourist attrations in Tehran, tourist do not feel visiting it for the better part of the year; yet, with a one-day plan you could have a memorable trip to the area. In order to get to this beautiful, take Shahid Zinedine highway to the east, after passing Shahid Bagheri highway, go on towards Tehran-Pardis freeway. After arriving in the city of Firoozkooh, take Daneshgah Street and go straight towards the north.

Lakes of Tar and Havir


Tar Lakes of Tar and Havir are located in Tehran province. These tectonic lakes are 30 km away from east of Damavand town. Having fresh water, these mountain lakes are over 2,900 meters above sea level. The only connection between these two lakes is through the car way road of Damavand-Daryakenar. The two lakes are about 500 meters apart from each other. Tar Lake with maximum length of 1.3 kilometers and an average width of 400 m and Havir Lake with approximately 900 meters length and an average width of 150 meters, make an overall 0.7 square kilometers of water. Havir and Tar lakes are placed in the corrugated warp between two mountain ranges of Qara Dagh (in the north) and Zarrin (in the south). Water levels of these lakes in the different seasons of the year may vary. The region has a fairly cold climate, making it a great spot for swimming, boating, and fishing activities. The lakes are accessible through the city of Damavand, Chenar Arabha villages, Ma’dan road and finally the dirt road.

Roodafshan Cave


Damavand’s Village of roodafshan, in on the way of those climber that are going to climb the central Alborz Mountains. Roodafshan Cave is also in the same way. The celling is so high that you could easily move through it. The cave stands at an altitude of 1945 meters above sea level and on top of the northeast mountains of the village. A ceiling with 20 meter heights, 29 meter length and stalagmites, stalactites, and natural pillars in the aisles are some of the key features of the cave. After 15 to 20 minutes of simple claiming from the village into the steep rout of the cave, you could reach the cave.

Cave Burnik

On the way of the Damavand-Firoozkuh, near the village of Harandeh cave, there is an interesting destination for many climbers and nature enthusiasts. Of course there is a two hour walk from Harandeh to the Burnik Cave. Burnik Cave is located 135 km away from Tehran, 23 kilometers southwest of the city of Firoozkooh, and 6 kilometers from the village is located Harandeh. The entrance of the cave is 10 by 15 meters with the hights of 6 meters. It has an altitude of 1950 meters above sea level. Burnik is composed of three Hall massive caves; in the roof of each cave the primary slot (fault) is well represented. The main hall of the cave with its relics including broken pottery from different historical eras indicates that the cave was one of the main troglodytes’ home. At the right corner of the hall, there is an atrium in front of the built gated stile which probably was whereabouts of cattle. In the left corner of the hall, there is a second or main hall entrance of the cave with a width of 8 and hights of 10 meters. To reach Harandeh by car, you should take Shahid Babaei Highway to the east and go through Tehran-Pardis freeway. Almost at the end of the freeway, after Boomehen and before Roohehen, you enter into Firoozkooh road. 12 km to Firoozkooh, on the right side of the road, there is the signpost indicaing Harandeh.

Lalvan Strait


Lalvan waterfall and village is one of the unique natural attractions of South Alborz. It is located within 12 kilometers of northeast of Fasham. Lalvan with its mountainous nature is full of beautiful springs. Beautiful alley gardens, Lalvan Strait, and Kholeno waterfall are some of the other natural attractions of the village. Lalvan Strait has a very fair weather; also, waterfalls, springs, and snow tunnels on the river bed, which is caused by last winter avalanches catch the eye-catching. There can be numerous and diverse local biological properties of herbs such as astragalus, angelica, tulips, anemones, barberry, circus, nettle, and etc. Birds such as the golden eagle, Quebec, Derry, skylark, lapwing, and animals such as sheep, goat, brown bear, wolf, and so on can be found in this area. To access Lalvan, take the Fasham road, in the Fasham two way road, turn right and continue the way till you get to Zagvan and Garmabdar. In Zagvan and in left side of the road, there is a narrow path which leads to Lalvan.

Lar, Damavand


Lar is Iran's largest valley. It is located 70 km east of Tehran in Haraz Road is. Due to the Variety of weather conditions, it is called "Crazy Lar”; on the other hand the numerous springs in this area has made the valley called "Thousand Spring area”. Lar National Park with approximately 28 thousand kilometers area, is a great place for hiking and with approval ofthe Environmental Protection Agency has a great condition for swimming and fishing. Lar is a good place to see the beautiful face of the Iran’s roof. Lar habitats so many animals such as wild boar, wolves, foxes, leopards, goats, sheep, golden eagles, partridge, trout and a variety of snakes like Alborz vipers. With entrance into Haraz road from Babaie Highway and passing Roodehen, Boomehen, and Emamzadeh Hashem you’ll see an amazing scenery of Damavand Mountain. We strongly recommend you to take picture with this giant. In less than 10 minutes you’ll get to Polver. There a golden statute of a climber on your left that shows you to the sidetrack and enjoy your trip.
 Alale will be honored to take you to tours of this nature.


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