Places near Tehran that you should visit (Episode I: West of Tehran)

Places near Tehran that you should visit (Episode I: West of Tehran)

Travel and Adventure does not certainly mean to spend 4 or 5 days of planning and hours of driving. In this episode, we are going to have a look on tourist destinations located in west of Tehran. Let’s begin virtual tour.

1. Kan and Sooleghan Valley


Kan in the past was one of the villages around Tehran and Ray but with today’s expansion of Tehran, it is regarded as one of the Tehran’s 5 districts. Sooleghan is located on top of the Kan region. It is located in the middle of the Emam Zadeh Davood road. Attractions in the area include small rivers, which lead to the Kan River, mulberry trees and so many gardens are some of the other attractions. It’s worth mentioning that “Baran” directed by Majid Majidi's was shot in the area.

Sangan Waterfall is also another attraction in this area. The waterfall is located in the foothills of Mount Pahnehesar summit in about 20 km North West of Tehran. This beautiful waterfall is frozen in winter and creates an area of scenic beauty. The waterfall heights 2575 meters above sea level. In the north of this waterfall, Pahnehesar summit is located.
Sangan village, one of the Tehran’s districts, is amongst the Central Alborz Mountains in northwest of Tehran. The village heights 2100 m above sea level. Sangan Village encompasses six neighborhood; the oldest neighborhood of the village is called Sangan Paeen. Entering the village is possible through this neighborhood. Historical surviving works especially tombs of Emamzadeha reflects the long history of the village. According to some of old scripts, some the tombstones located in the village date back to more than 500 years ago.
To get to this beautiful place drive 3 km toward the east of Shahid Hemat freeway, enter into Kan from Shahran’s second square; after 10 km make a left to get to Sangan Paeen.

2. Khor village


It is one of the Karaj’s districts located in Alborz province. It is 17 kilometers away from Karaj and located in Chalus route. In addition to natural beauty, the village has a long history. Emamzadeh Solyman, the hills and valleys of Dochinar, Emamzaedh bar cheshmeh or Zubaida Khatoon, fort castle of Khor, and 800-year-old Sycamore are some of the tourist attractions that along with sights of the village and the surrounding area create an unforgettable environment.

One of the other attractions of the village is the ski resort Khor. With a track with a length of 1800 m and 18 bars, Khor ski resort is the longest ski resort in Iran.

To get to Khor village, you should pass the Karaj highway to the end of the rout, then drive up in Chalus rout for 25 km exit the road in KhuzankolaThere is a detour wich takes you 5 km to get to the beautiful village of Khor in the heart of Alborz Mountains.  

3. Alamut


You can experience great regional weather in Alamut which is located in the north of Qazvin province. The area is well-known for the lake Evan, the Alamut fortress, Lambsar Castel, cherry orchards, and numerous springs.
To reach this area, take Tehran-Karaj highway to Qazvin; take Qazvin exit till you get to the huge square of Minoodar. Alamut rout is on the north side of this square. The rout is also signposted.

Alamoot Castle

Alamut Castle is one of the unique historical castles in Iran. The castle is located in the northeast of Gazer Khan (Ghasre Khan) village on the top of a cliff heights 2,163 meters above sea level. Red and gray rocks surrounding the fort have stretched from the northeast to the southwest of the area. The castle is surrounded by headland and the only entrance to the castle in the northeastern end of the mountain that is overlooked by Hoodekan Mountain with a relatively long distance.
The entrance is a 6 meters long tunnel cut in the rock. In the southern side of the mountain fortress, there is trench with a length of approximately 50 meters and 2 meters wide. The trench was created and filled with water so that the attackers could not find their way to the castle. Close to Alamoot castle, there is Gazar castle which is well known for its fantastic reservoir. In Shawwal 654 AH this castle had burned down under the command of Hulagu. After this event it was used as a prison. By the year 930 AH and the beginning of Shah Tahmasp Safavi until 1006 AH, the castle remained intact. Unfortunately, the excavations carried out during the Qajar period for finding treasure in the castle of Alamut caused irreparable destructions.

Lake Evan

The beautiful Evan Lake located in the northern half of Alamut and on a hillside Khashchal Mountain. It is 75 kilometers away from Qazvin province and place amongst the four villages of Evan, Varin, Zavardasht, and Zarabad. The lake is more than seventy thousand square meters, at an altitude of one thousand eight hundred and fifteen meters above sea level. The length of the longest part of this lake is 325 meters with a width of 275 meters.
Evan is made almost exclusively of small underground springs, a tiny fraction of its water come from the rainfall. The deepest part of the lake is in the depth of 6. 8 meters.

Lake bed is filled with sludge and deposits that are very sticky. Overflow of the lake’s water forms a small lake that feeds the forms in villages of Cooshk and Aeen. The lake in the summer is a very good spot for fishing, swimming, and boating. In the fall it becomes a haven for migratory birds such as swans, geese, and ducks. In winter cold weather freezes the lack and provides a great ski riding field.
It is believed that the lake was probably created 500 years ago as a result of an earthquake. However, some believe that it is the offshoot of a great old lake.

Lambsar castle

Lambsar or Lamasar castle located in the north of Qazvin is another tourist attraction in Alamut area. Its building dates back to the Sassanid era. It was highly used during the Seljuk era. After the fortress of Hassan Sabah, Lambsar Castle was the most important Ismailis bases in the western city of Qazvin.


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Muhammad Shalabi
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