Sareyn, a home to spas

Sareyn, a home to spas

Sareyn is a unique beauty located 30 kilometers from Ardabil Province; it is known for its eye-caching nature and spas. Read along with Alale


Sareyn, the city with its always bubbling springs is one of the beautiful cities of Ardebil which itself is popular among tourists for its ancient sites, attractions, stunning natural hot springs in Sabalan and its great spas.

In Persian dictionary the word "Sareyn" means "springhead". Perhaps the presence of numerous spas in the area is the reason this beautiful city is named “Sareyn”. Of course, in times past, various other names such as "Sarai Qāyeh", "Sareqin", "Sranin" and "Serqin" were used for reoffering to the city.

Anahita ancient hill


In the west of Sareyn city, there is historical remaining that is known as the “Anahita ancient hill ". Based on the research and excavations conducted in the area, ancient historical objects and relics have also been found including ancient potteries that date back to the late first and second millennium BC Christ. This area has other names, including "Anahita", "Sareqin" and "Zartosht (Zarathustra)"; it seems that many temples and fire temples were existed in the hill for worshiping and religious practice of the Zoroastrian scholars and ascetics. One could refer to "Anahita" and "Azarfariq" as fire temples remained in this area. Valuable historical monuments from the reign of KaraKoyunlus, Aghkoyunlulars, Ilkhans, and Seljuks ears have been found in the area, which reflect the domination of their rule in this land.

Windkalkhoran rocky village


Near the road Ardebil-Nir, ther is an ancient rocky village which is located 5 kilometers way from south and southwest of the Sareyn city.

An interesting feature of this village is its stone houses in the area constructed based on ancient extraordinary, and unique architecture. Although, extensive and acceptable researches in the area of the country are yet to be performed, according to the monuments, potteries, architectural works found in stone houses as well as the method of their construction, it seems that this village belongs to the Ashcans, Sassanid and Islamic eras.

Chevron arches seen in rock carvings are very similar to those created in the Sassanid era. Considering all discoveries, it appears that the area at different times from the Timurid to the Islamic, Safavid, and Seljuk eras, has been a residential village.

Sareyn’s Sabalan spa


Sabalan spa is one of the largest and most important medical spa in the entire Middle East which is now a hydrotherapic complex. This valuable complex, there is a collection of facilities such as indoor swimming pools, Swan Dry steam showers and solo tubs constructed in an area of 7 thousand square meters on two stories. Sareyn hydrotherapic complex with its special is one of the major tourist attractions of the country.

Alvares ski resort

Twenty four kilometers from Sareyn, near the village of Alvarez and in the highlands of Sabalan Mountain, there is a ski resort called "Alvarez" which is turned out to be one of the natural and recreational attractions of Ardabil province. One of the unique features of this sport resort is that it is open within 6 to 8 months of the year due to high altitude above sea level and low temperature which prevents the melting of snow.

Along with attractions in winter, the nomads, favorable and pleasant climate, the presence of diverse and beautiful plants and flowers, scenery plains of anemones, astragalus, marshmallow and also proper roads to reach the peak of the Sabalan, are the other strength point of this region that attracts tourists who want to experience lovely, memorable moments.


Atashgah, also known as "Agh Mam", is a spectacular and interesting attraction for the presence of ancient temples and fire temples located along lush and beautiful nature and presence of the Emamzadeh Abbas shrine. There are signs of an ancient temple which is believed to be "Azarfigh Fire Temple". This ancient monument is located on a hill. However, unfortunately today its ruins has only remained. Interestingly, there are mysterious stories and documents about the monument, and it seems that in different era, especially during the reign of the Sassanids, the temple was the most important sanctuary for Zoroastrianism. Below the hill there is a cave called "Kohl Lor" which despite having some inputs, almost no one goes into it. Visit the ancient hill and ancient temples, is always a pleasant adventure.

Schayegh Village

This picturesque beautiful village with its pleasant climate and nature, is located 7 km from the west of Sareyn city in Ardebil province. The village is known as the largest village of Sareyn city. The valliage had the potential to become one of the tourist destination of the country.

The road to the "Alvares ski resort" goes from this village, connecting Schayegh to Alvarez Village. Tourists can visit this beautiful area and then continue their way to the Alvarez ski resort.

This village is called "Schayegh" because a tribal called "Shayeghi" were living in the area about 250 years ago. Watching beautiful and favorable nature of this area and inhaling its clean air along with visiting "Zal Tapeh Ci" and "Kelke Lor Tapeh ci" hills will be interesting and exciting experience for the tourists.


Sareyn city is well known among the Iranian for having abundant medicinal spas. The city is full of natural and historical attractions that are impossible to be introduced in one article. Some of the other attractions of this area include, "Bush Bajlar Sareyn Spa", "Gavmish Goli Sareyn spa", "Alvarez waterfall", "Latran village", " Varniab village " and etc. Visiting these places with Alale will provide you with a very spectacular and memorable visit.


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7 year ago
Been in Sareyn long ago. it was simply a wonderful experience. hope to be back there again :D