Qajar Mansion, An Art of Iranian Architecture

Qajar Mansion (Fathali-Shahi Mansion) In Fin Bathhouse  

A beautiful building in the middle of the Fin Garden, which has a special weather. Let’s learn more in Alale.


The Garden of Fine is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran and one of the most important tourist attractions in Kashan, which hosts many tourists every day. Today, we plan to go to one of the monuments located in the Fin Garden in Kashan city. In the following sections we will provide a general introduction of this garden. Read along with Alale.
Building the early foundation of the Finn Garden dates back to the pre-Islamic Persia and associates with the Sialk civilization. This civilization itself has an unbreakable with the spring that is located on the top of the garden. This spring is known as the Soleimanyeh spring.
After the attack of the Afghanis, Karim Khan Zand again rebuilt the Garden of Fine. However, with the famous earthquake of 1192 Ah, the Fin garden faced a general damage. Then, with the beginning of rule of the Qajar Dynasty in 1200 AH and with especial command of Fath Ali Shah to restore the building, Fin garden was completely renovated. Plus, Qajar Mansion was built on the southwest side of the garden and also Royal bathhouse was built in the immediate vicinity of the original bathroom.

Fathali-Shahi Mansion


This building, located in the south of the garden, was constructed under the command of Fath Ali Shah and includes a Shotor-Galu (Kind of traditional house in which the water is directed), an adjacent building, and two courtyards in the east and west of the main building. The floor of the adjacent building is covered with marble and the ceiling is interestingly painted. There are still some parts on which the traces of the paintings apparent.


Fath Ali Shah was particularly interested in the beautiful natural surroundings of the garden, as well as the architecture and of course the Fine Garden Fountain.


He ordered Haj Hassan Khan, the leader of the Kashan governorate, to restore, renovate, and decorate the garden in the finest way possible.


Therefore, the Qajar Mansion was built on the southwest side of the garden.


The reason behind for the name of Shotor-Galu (camel’s neck) is that there is a pond located in the middle of the mansion, from which the water is pushed out, that is similar to the English letter “S” and the camel's neck.


The main building includes four arches and a vault.


The Shah-Neshin (the best and biggest room in a house) in this mansion has a pond that water flows from three sides of it.


The water is direct to around the garden through beautiful tiles and fountains.


Also, one of the water inlets from the Sulaymaniyah Spring flows into this point of the garden.


This beautiful pond and beautiful architecture that you see in the pictures above are a neat and beautiful example of Iranian authentic architecture. If you have never been to the Finn Garden and the Qajar mansion, Alale invites you to pay this place a visit and be amazed by ancient Iranian architecture.


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Qajar Mansion Architecture Fin Kashan

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