Merikhi (Martian) Mountain, You wouldn't believe!

Merikhi (Martian) Mountain

Although the trip to Mars is not too distant, perhaps we could see a symbol of the other planets on Earth. The painter of nature sometimes creates such beautiful landscapes that one unconsciously thinks they belong to another planet. Let’s learn more with Alale.


The mountains are usually one of the most important parts of natural ecosystems. Some of the mountains are so beautiful that they have gained a global reputation. However, there are mountains that, with all their specificity, we often do not hear of them, for which, of course, the blam falls onto the officials responsible in tourism sector.
Usually these mountains are not spectacular for their green nature nor for their snowy peaks, but their only feature is their special shape. It is safe to say that the Miniature Mountains are of the most unique natural gifts that exist in Iran and cannot be found in anywhere else in the world, except on other planets such as Mars!



Miniature or Martian Mountains are part of the beautiful lively nature of the city of Chabahar, which is unfortunately not much considered. For their specific shape and condition, these mountains fall in the category of areas with unfavored lands.

The common feature of these areas is the lack of vegetation and pasture value. Miniature Mountains are sedimentary and, according to experts, in the distant past, they were buried under the soil. They have been submerged by the passing of time and help of rainy monsoon.
The tectonic processes, including the subduction of Oman crust and water erosion, are considered to be some of the most important reasons for the formation of these mountains. The Small grooves and homogeneous slopes on these mountains are the reason behind naming them. That’s why they have a real extraterrestrial appearance.


The life time of these mountains is estimated to be 5 million years. Miniaturized Mountains are offshoots of the Zagros Mountains, which goes on to Pakistan. The height of these mountains varies from five meters to more than 100 meters.
An interesting point is the discovery of a variety of fish and aquatic fossils in these mountains, which proves that miniaturize mountains have been submerged in the past. Also, since the mountains are located near the sea, tide effects cannot be ignored.
Some 40 to 50 kilometers from Chabahar you can find these mountains that are extended for miles. There is a unique pink lake among these mountains called Lipar.
The combination of these mountains with the Lake of Lipar has created a landscape that cannot be ignored. Each year a festival will be held in Chabahar known as Mars Mounting, in which people can walk on a specific route along the coast of the Oman Sea and miniature mountains and enjoy the unrivaled views of the area.
Unfortunately, so far, no significant action has been taken to register this natural phenomenon as a national park for the world to com and enjoy visiting it. It is, however, hoped that it will happen in the near future.


Goater, 50 km from Chabahar, Chabahar Road, Sistan and Baluchestan

How to get there?

When in Chabahar, take the Goater rout to the east, and after about 50 km to the left of the road, you can see the mountains. This road is one of the most unique roads in Iran, along the road, you can also visit the Lipar Lake and the sea of Oman in addition to the Martian Mountains.
Spring, autumn and winter seasons are the best time to visit this area. Since the area is completely free from light pollution, it is considered to be one of the best places to enjoy watching the stars at night and astronomy.
Fortunately, a camping is possible and tourist complex has been constructed in this area so that tourists could use the area’s potential through all facilities that have been provided.


The complex, consisting of an area of over 7 hectares, is built between the Martian Mountains and the Oman Sea coast and includes two specially designed gyms, green areas, sanitary facilities, 6 suites, canopies, and a stellar observation platform. Through watching the sky at this point, you will be able to observe 14 constellations simultaneously.

Alale will be pleased to arrange you a tour to get there!


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