Isfahan, Part I

Isfahan, Cultural Capital of Islam, I

To visit Isfahan virtually, first we are going to learn about the province's climate and introduce the historic city of Isfahan. If you have plan for visiting the province, read along with Alale.



Certainly Isfahan is one of the most popular destinations in Iran. It is so beautiful and so historic that attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world annually. In this article and even in the proceeding ones we cannot cover all the attractions of the city but you might be surprised by learning about all the attractions of the city.



when arrived in Isfahan Province by the means of flying, road or train, the first thing that will come into your mind might be the accommodation. In Isfahan, there are a range of 2 to 5 star hotels all around the city and even the surrounding towns, all of them are ready to serve their guests. (For more information in this regard please contact Alale).


Some of the tourist destinations in Isfahan

Certainly, the city of Isfahan full of historical, cultural and artistic attractions, and it is not possible to introduce all of them in an article. So let's take a look at some of the city's most popular attractions.


Naqsh-e Jahan Square


Make sure to visit the beautiful square of Naqsh-e Jahan which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to Safavid era. Most likely, there is no one in the world who have traveled to Isfahan and did not visit this beautiful square. In addition to the handicrafts and souvenir markets, many other monuments such as Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Mosque, Qaysariya Mosque and Imam Mosque.


Khajoo Bridge




The beautiful bridge, also known as Baba Rokn-o-din, Shahi, Teimuri, and Hassan Abad Bridge, is located on the east of Si-O-Seh Pol Bridge on the Zayandehrud River. In the middle of this bridge, which dates back to the time of Shah Abbas II, there is a building that has been built for temporary residence of the Shah and his family, known as Biglarbeigi. One of the features of the bridge is the barrier that was devised to block the spring and make a lake out of it so that the gardens and mansions look more beautiful. By visiting this area, you can also visit another beautiful bridge called Thirty-Three Si-O-Seh Pol Bridge.


Si-O-Seh Pol Bridge




The bridge of Allah Verdi Khan or Si-O-Seh Pol Bridge (rough translation is thirty-three bridge), which was built during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid by Allah Verdi Khan. It is the hunt of many locals and those interested in the historical works of Isfahan. The bridge was built at the same time as the Chahar Bagh Street was constructed. You can visit Zayandehrud river by passing through this beautiful bridge and get to Chahar Baghe Bala from Chahar Baghe Abbasi.


Chehel Sotun Palace

Another outstanding monument of the city of Isfahan is the Chehel Sotun Palace, the construction of which began during the Shah Abbas I era and was completed during the reign of Shah Abbas II. Decorations, mirrors and huge paintings alongside the palace’s beautiful garden makes it an astonishing monuments. There are other works belonged to Safavid era in the western and southern walls such as the facade of Qotbiaeh Mosque, Darb Jubareh Mosque and the Aghasi Mosque.


Chahar Bagh School




Chahar Bagh School, also called Soltani School or Madar-Shah, is located in the east of the four Chahar Bagh-e-Abbasi Garden and is actually the last magnificent building remained from the Safavid era. This ancient school dates back to the days of King Soltan Hussein reign and with its unique tile and architecture amazes anyone who visits the place. The school, which after the revolution is called Imam Sadiq School, has remained the same and nowadays is the place where religious scholars teach Islamic matters. The unites are the place students reside.

Vank Cathedral




This beautiful Armenian Church was built during the reign of Shah Abbas II and located in the Jolfa neighborhood of Isfahan. It one of the most visited historical places in Isfahan.





Hasht Behesht Mansion

The Hasht Behesht Mansion was once called Alam Mansion. It is the only mansion remained from the Safavid era. This two-story mansion is located in a large garden with four floors, some believe that the residence was once the residence of eight favorites of Suleiman Safavid. This mansion is located in the west of Charbagh Abbasi Street.


Birds Gurden




The garden, which started its activity with the efforts of the municipality of Isfahan on an area of 55 thousand square meters, is one of the attractions of this province. There are 4000 pieces in 130 different species in this garden, which have different habitats in terms of their natural living conditions. The active parts of this garden are reproductive unit, clinic and health department, nutrition unit, quarantine unit and taxidermy unit. The Birds garden is located 4 km west of Vahid Bridge on the shore of Zayandeh Rood and is located at the end of the Najvan Natural Park.



Flowers Garden






One of the great projects of Isfahan in the seventies was the beautiful garden that has various sections including entrance pavilion, rocky garden, garden waterfall, children's area, greenhouse, Rose Garden, greenhouse, medicinal and edible plant gardens, and etc. For lovers of plants and nature this is a very good place. This garden is located in the Bozorgmehr Square, at the beginning of Salman-Farsi Street.



Safeh Mountain Park




Safeh Mountain, located south of Isfahan, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the province of Isfahan. This mountain has a beautiful green space along a zoo, bowling alley, gondola lift, springs and caves as well as traditional and modern restaurants and cafes, all of which are ready for the tourists and visitors who desire to visit this beautiful mountain.




If you are interested in carting and paintball, you can visit Shohadaye Artesh collection (located around the corner of Hakim Nezami junction) which is close to Safeh Mountain.






Some of the buildings have the ability to wiggle which, in Persian, are called Menarjonban. One of the most famous of them belongs to the historic city of Isfahan and the other is located in the city of Ardakan. In this building located in the city of Isfahan, a mystic named "Amu Abdullah Kardalani" has been buried. By making one of the minarets of the building, the other one starts to move.





Atashgah (fireplace) or Mount Atashgah of Isfahan is located west of the city of Isfahan and on the Isfahan route to Najafabad city (8 km from the city center on Atashgah Street) and near Manarjbanan; Atashgah is located on a short mountain. This is an ancient monument and one of the seven great monuments of Iran built during the reign of Ghobad Sasani. There are many fine restaurants found in this area with high quality.

If you are willing to visit this Islamic Cultural Capital, or need any further information, please feel free to contact Alale.

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