Iran, a Popular Distination

Iran, a popular tourist destination

Despite all of the political games and constant propaganda after China and Mexico, Iran in 2015, was the third popular destination among tourists in the world. World Travel Market (WTM) in London was opened for thirty-six times and over 50 thousand tourism experts from 190 countries participated in this international event. Although in the light of deteriorated diplomatic relations between the two countries, the Iranian cultural heritage and tourism organization preferred to count the exhibition out, Iran's private sector was one of the participants in this exhibition.  However, the reports suggested a good news for Iranian. Read along with Alale to learn more about the popularity of Iran in this section.


According to British executives in tourism industry and the tourists’ vote, China, Mexico and Iran, were three countries who were considered to be the three prime and popular travel destination in 2016 at World Travel Market 2015. According to the annual report of WTM, based on the votes casted by 2050 participants in the exhibition including, buyers and exhibitors as well as votes of 1038 British tourists, about 16% of the tourists showed interest in traveling to the country. Also, among the top 10 business leaders in the world, three expressed interest in economic exchange with Iran for the upcoming year. With the release of this report, several popular media outlets such as Reuters, BBC and "Travel Weekly" paid special attention to Iran's being popular travel destination in 2016.

Referring to the tourists’ interest to travel to Iran, Symon Press, Senior Director of World Travel Market (WTM), said “due to the agreement reached between Iran and the P5 + 1 group of countries, many foreign companies are perusing business in this country and tourism companies, also, have found their way toward Iran.” after the nuclear deal and beginning of sanction removal, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain that previously had announced warnings about traveling to Iran and advised to cancel unnecessary trips to the country removed its warnings announcing that “due to the changes made in relations on Britain and President Rouhani’s government, the risk British people for traveling to Iran has dropped.”


London tourism fair, one of the most important events of the tourism industry and travel trade, is largely centered on communication in tourism industry. The fair was stared on November 2nd. The exhibition ended its thirty-sixth activity on the fifth of November.

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