Chah Kouh Valley, a wonder!

Chah Kouh Valley, a wonder!









Chah Kouh is referred to a straight located in one of the most beautiful islands of Iran- Qeshm.

Due to its strait but unique shape and appearance Chah Kouh is one of the most famous strait, not only in Iran but also around the world. The Valley is the result of millions of years of natural phenomena and natural factors and when you look at it, it seems like you have traveled to another planet. Alale has dedicated this article to make you familiar with this interesting phenomenon.


Where is Chah Kouh Valley?


This beautiful and spectacular strait is located in the south of Iran and in the eastern part of Qeshm Island; in fact, Chah Kouh Valley is one of the wonders of the island. Chah Kouh, with a depth of 100 meters and rocks with unusual appearances, makes you want to watch these phenomena hours and hours.

Interestingly, the valley is also known as the Holy Valley of Chah Kouh; the reason behind this is that in the past, Chah Kouh was a place to store water and since water in the past had a special sanctity, the valley was regarded as sacred.


What we see in Chah Kouh Valley?


Upon entering the valley, you are amazed with a world of massive giant rocks that are placed in both side. By moving forward, you’ll get to a point where it is impossible or very difficult to pass. There are some parts in which the walls are too close to each other. In order to pass through these parts of you have to move side to side. However, after this difficult passing, there is reward for you. Do you remember Alice? Well if you are then, it will definitely come to you by passing the way and entering into a new world of wanders.


Cause of interestingly shaped rocks of Chah Kouh Valley


The today’s shapes and appearance of Chah Kouh rocks are created as a result of over millions of years of erosive alterations. On some of the rocks, there is erosion lines that are beauties to be seen. On the other parts, there are gaps and deep holes created because of the potential these rocks have for erosion and dissolution.

Apart from walking among the rocks and exploring new wonders, new surprises, and interesting places, there are certainly interesting, great subjects for photographing. Bringing a camera with yourself is, actually, one of the necessities of Chah Kouh tour. If you could visit the valley at night, you’d be encountered with one of the most beautiful scenes in the whole universe. Due to the close distance between the two walls, you might not be able to see the wide part of the sky upon your head. However, the little part you’d see is like a carpet of stars, that reminds you of amazing galaxies in the space.


How to go get there?

In order to get to Chah Kouh valley, first of all you must get yourself to Hormozgan province and the island of Qeshm. From there you can go to Dargahan square in the island and after passing 20 kilometer path in the west road of the square, you’ll find yourself in the village of Chahooye Sharghi. Within 2 kilometers you can see the Valley.
Feel free to ask Alale anything related to this great tourist attraction. We will be honored to find you a tour, guide or accompany you in this great adventure.


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Chah Kouh Valley woder Queshm

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