Babolsar, a Green popular city

Babolsar, a coastal city in Mazandaran province with its natural and historical attractions, has become one of the tourism destinations in the north of Iran. This extremely lush and vibrant region, with its pristine nature along with its beautiful and fantastic views, has fascinated all the tourists from all over the world who have stepped into this Persian beauty. Let’s learn more with Alale.




“Mashhad Sar” is the name that Babolsar was known for in the distant past. Some believe that the city is named after Sar Imam Zadeh Ibrahim, brother of Imam Reza. There are many monuments and wonderful natural attractions in this city; in this city we can only mention some of them.


Mausoleum of Imam Zadeh Ibrahim




One of the most valuable religious attractions in Babolsar is the tomb of Imamzadeh Ibrahim, a son of Imam Musa, also known as Abu Javad. It is believed that he and his sister were buried in the Mashadsar Bazaar. The mausoleum's mansion is an octagonal building, the dome of which is paved with a magnificent pyramid.

It seems that construction of the mausoleum dates back to the 9th century AH. This is, itself, an evidence of long history of Babolsar. Some features of this building are exquisite and valuable doors, wooden wardrobes and numerous inscriptions that increase the historical value of the mausoleum.



Suspended bridge of Babolsar




There is a suspended bridge, belonging to the first Pahlavi era, in Babolsar city and located in the street of Pasdaran that nowadays has become one of the tourist attractions of the country. The suspended bridge of Babolsar is made of metal and was built in 1934 before the outbreak of World War II with the help of experts from Sweden and Germany. This 80-meter long bridge is 16 meters high and 8 meters width which is located on the beautiful “Babelroud” River with a great natural beauty. This bridge is the very first car bridge in Iran.

Babolsar Wildlife Park




On the Darya Street, close to the ontology center of Babolsar, there is another spectacular place, which is run privately. In fact, this attraction is known as "Wildlife Park" of the coastal city where its officials keep animals like wolves, lions, camels, ears, bears, monkeys and the like.


Babolrood River


The beautiful river of Babolrood definitely is one of the main tourist attractions of Babolsar. The river divides the city into two parts. This place is one of the most popular places of interest in this beautiful city that due to large amenities and recreational facilities around it, has become a major point of interest. The park and greenery surrounding the river as well as boating, traditional and modern restaurants and coffee shops have doubled the beauty and popularity of the area.


The coastal area of Mayrood-Babolsar




Two kilometers from Behnamir, a district in the city of Babolsar, there is a pristine, lush, and forested area with a beautiful and stunning landscape, known as the "Mayrood tourist area". This spot of the country is located at an intersection that connects the cities of Babol, Ghaemshahr, Kiakala and Babolsar to each other.

It is interesting to know that Mayrood is the flagship of the region of Bablisar. Among the most important features of the area are the facilities offered such as cellars, tents, restaurants, bath rooms and children's park, which has made it a suitable place for temporary accommodation of tourists.

Kerfoun-Babolsar Tourist Area




The "Kerfoun-Babolsar Tourist Area" is one of the pristine areas with a magnificent view of Babolsar, located 13 kilometers from the Babolsar coastal road to Sari. The tranquility of the night, the beautiful sunset, the beautiful beach and the sound of the raging waves give a delightful experience for the tourists who long to this area. Among the special privileges of this area is Pare Kerfoun cooperation, which is located on the beach, providing the tourists with fresh fishes from the Caspian Sea.


Khazar Shahr Coastal Towm




One of the tourist areas in Babolsar, at 6 km from the city, is located in Fereydunkenar, which is known as the "Caspian Sea City". The town, which consists of two northern and southern parts, is one of the main tourist attractions in summer and holidays due to its vicinity Tehran. Extreme weather, close proximity to the sea and unforgettable nature are some of the key-features of the city. It should be noticed that tourists are required to have an entry card for entering into this tourist town; they can easily get their enter cards at the entrance of the city.


Galshka village




Another popular and lovely promenade in Babolsar is located in Behnamir, which is also known as the “Arab Kheil Rubber Dam”. The structure, which has a length of 50 meters and located at an altitude of 3 meters above the river, has a beautiful view and a spectacular landscape that has now become one of the best resorts for travelers and tourists in the country. It is interesting to know that the water supply of this dam is provided by “Talar River”, which itself originates from the Alborz mountains and flows into “Arab Kheil Rubber Dam” after passing through the cities of Qaemshahr, Kiakala and Savadkuh. The river, then, streams into the Caspian Sea after passing the sections of the West, East and South of Behnamir.

If there is any question regarding this place and tours in this area, please do not hesitate to ask Alale.

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Babolsar Mazandaran Iran tourist attraction

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